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How are you Good! I’m pretty good too. The cyber war of our naughty boys is going on with India. Our cyber warriors have hacked about 20,000 Indian sites so far. And they have also been able to hack about 400 of our sites. You must know why this cyber war. Let’s not talk too much, everyone will be careful about the security of their respective websites. Basically, are you a blogger or a webmaster? If the answer is yes, then this guide is just for you. Every webmaster wants their site bounce rate to be normal. There are several rules to keep the bounce rate of the site normal / low. If you follow these rules properly, the bounce rate will be normal.

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Below I share a detailed article about this. Hope you find it useful, then let’s get started.

It is hoped that a webmaster can easily control / reduce the bounce rate by following the steps given below.

  • The site cannot be kept tidy, it cannot be made extra colorful with CSS and excessive ads should not be used for these reasons.
  • And of course the site should be easy to negate (add category or menu), the main thing is to give a professional look.
  • The loading time of the site should be noted. Care must be taken to ensure that the site opens very quickly. If the site takes too long to load, the visitor will be annoyed and will go back to the search engine results page by clicking the back button of the browser.
  • Irrelevant keywords cannot be used, because by doing so, visitors visiting with those irrelevant keywords will not be able to find their relevant content by visiting the site. And of course be careful about the right title and description.
  • This point is very important to remember why visitors come to the site? Of course visitors come to the site to collect the necessary information. Which we also call content / post in webmaster language. So be careful about writing content. You need to post with adequate relevance and accurate content, so that all the questions about it are fulfilled after reading your post. Tana will then go back to the search engine’s results page by clicking the back button of the browser. That is why it is important to have content / posts with relevant enough information complete with relevant quality.
  • Another point is that there should be internal linking on the relevant word inside the post, so that after reading this post, visitors will be interested to read more posts related to this topic. This will double the page view rate of your site which is able to reduce the bounce rate, even increase the number of ad clicks or product sales rate on your site because you must understand that it is the increase of whole page view.
  • There are also other functions such as placing related posts at the bottom of the post and adding recent post-most popular posts in the side bar. In this way various pool contests can be organized. You also need to be careful when using external links. Above all, Google Analytics should keep an eye on your site’s data.

I think you understand. And if you like it, don’t forget to comment.

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