How to Retrieve Lost or Forgotten Email Password Saved in Outlook?

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How often do you find yourself scratching your head because you Forgotten Email Password Saved in Outlook? Or what if you set up an email account for a friend or customer and they don’t remember what it is?


What is an MS Outlook file?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients. It always ranks among the top email client options, surpassed only by Apple and Gmail’s integrated email solution. Most people use Outlook for a specific time, business, work, school, or another way.

Looking at millions of users, it is understandable that at some point, someone will forget his Outlook password.

In those cases, you want a tool that can retrieve the Outlook password, leaving your data as it is. Thankfully, Outlook password recovery tools are available but first learn about some manual ways to retrieve the lost password file.

The manual method of retrieving

For manually retrieving your email password saved in the Outlook file a user has to follow the below-provided steps:

Part 1: Retrieve a lot of passwords

  • There is the “Reset your password” page available. Go there.
  • Click the “Next” option after you make your choice in the list of reasons why you want to reset your Outlook password.
  • You will be asked to enter the recovery email address when you create your Outlook account. Install it.
  • Click the “Next” option after entering the characters that appear on the screen. This step is to prove that you are human and not a robot.
  • The one-time code will be sent to the email address or phone number you will provide if you have security information used in your Outlook account. You will need to apply this code to the next screen that appears. You will be allowed to generate a new password once you have entered the code in the appropriate box.

Part 2: How to Reset Outlook Password for Outlook

Locking out of your Outlook account due to an inability to remember your password or an unauthorized attempt to access your account can be very frustrating. In that case, the Microsoft Account recovery tool can help you, allowing you to recover your Outlook password. It can help you to reset your password. However, you will need to provide a verification application, phone number, or recovery email to activate the Outlook password recovery process. This is for personal purpose purposes.

  1. Go to the “” home page.
  2. Click the “Can’t access your account?” Link.
  3. Click the “Next” button after selecting the “Forgot my password” option.
  4. In the section labeled “Microsoft account”, enter your Outlook address. Reset view email password
  5. Select the verification method. This includes Email, Application, and Text and I have none of this. (If necessary, complete the confirmation form provided.)
  6. Get your verification code and key in your verification code.
  7. Generate a new password.
  8. Try logging in to your account.

Within these few steps, a user will be able to retrieve their lost password. But there are a few limitations that are faced by the users. Let us have a look at these limitations.

Limitations of manual method

Here are some of the limitations discussed using the manual method, let us have a look at these limitations:

  • Not a direct method to retrieve the password
  • Use of the Outlook is mandatory
  • Difficult to be followed by the novice user
  • Instant recovery is not done

Thus, a user looks up an easy solution to Retrieve Lost or Forgotten Email Password Saved in Outlook.

Retrieving using the third-party tool

For retrieving the password using the third-party app a user has to install the PST Password Recovery tool. Follow the below process:


1- Open the tool

2- Add the PST file

3- Click on the remove checkbox or click on the added password


4- Finally, click on the ‘process’ button


These are the steps for retrieving the password of the Outlook PST files. Every user will be able to use this advanced application and carry out the recovery process.


Final Words

If you want to Retrieve Lost or Forgotten Email Password Saved in Outlook then you can try the manual or the third-party application according to your reliability. If you want to know more about the app then you can try the demo version that is available for the users. This demo version is free for all users.

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