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Have you always dreamed of starting a business? Many of us like the idea of ​​being our own boss, but it can be difficult to find the right business idea to implement. Here are some important tips for developing the right idea for you.

Find something you enjoy

We all imagine how we could turn a passion into a profession. If you start your own business, you have the chance to do just that. Of course, you may have a viable business idea that is not in the realm of your usual hobbies and interests, but make sure it is something you enjoy doing every day. If you don’t, you might rapidly lose interest or even stop believing in the idea. 

Use your skills

Think about what interests you, but also what you know how to do. You might like to eat, for example, but it’s not a good idea to open a restaurant if you don’t know how to cook. Don’t worry about skills you don’t have. Instead, think about your strengths and figure out how to leverage them in your work. 

Think about your values

What would you like your business to represent? As you strengthen your business and brand, you should think about and respect your core values. Write a clear mission statement and think about what kind of business you want to be. For example, if you are passionate about protecting the environment, you may want to make sustainability a priority. It may also be helpful to follow other inspiring businesses and learn how they work.

Don’t be obsessed with originality

All entrepreneurs want to create the next great invention. However, in reality, very few companies manage to do this. Many successful businesses actually offer similar products or services to others. Ideally, you should aim to find a gap in the market and avoid saturated sectors, where there are many competitors, but the most important thing is to position yourself well. Can your business solve a problem that existing businesses have failed to solve? If not, can you at least offer a better product or service at a lower price?

Keep things simple

Focus on what you want your business to be like and try not to complicate it too much. Every business needs a clear and unique key element, especially in the beginning. If things go well, you can expand your business to new areas later, but first you need to have a clear brand to build a customer base. If you start to get confused about your idea, then so will your customers.

Ask for advice – and listen to it!

If you are starting a business on your own, you may find that this helps you to think clearly and focus on your personal goals.  Here are some points to be looking for when choosing your next one.  Be confident in your idea, but don’t forget to listen to the opinions of others. Introduce your idea, let people test your product, show them your brand. The larger the sample size, the better. You may get some professional advice, but don’t forget to talk to the people whose opinions you value the most. Close friends or family members may be the most sincere with you, so listen to them!

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How do you find your business idea? From ideation to innovation


You’ve decided that you want your own business, but you still don’t have an idea that suits you. To identify it, you need documentation and learning. The important thing is to create a habit of exploring trends or changes in people’s behavior and the products they use.

How do you find a business idea? Will you be successful only if it is a passion or a professional experience? Are “domains” more suitable for setting up a business? Is there a “native inclination” for entrepreneurship ? Yes, there are many questions that arise when it comes to business ideas, and most about entrepreneurship are related to the stage called “idea formation”.


Where do you start? 

Not all successful businesses have come up with a product or service that has radically changed the world. Some of them came up with a new business model for something that already exists (the famous example of Netflix versus Blockbuster) . Others were successful because they identified a need and came up with a solution. So not all new businesses have this product innovation component. 

In addition, innovation can take many forms, one of which is to identify a need that can be better met than current solutions. An example here is what Uber did , which used an existing service. So not all new businesses have this product innovation component. 

Moreover, in The Lean Startup , Eric Ries says that entrepreneurship is to a large extent “an exercise in institutional development.” In other words, a successful business has a solid, healthy and clear structure (and this is visible even at the team level and the way they coordinate). Therefore, everything related to these aspects influences the success of the business, no matter how good the initial idea is.  

And if the “perfect recipe” for a business idea does not exist, what they all have in common is the existence of a need in the market (one already noticeable or an aspect that will become a need of a group of customers). 

 Here are some points to be looking for when choosing your next one. 

1. Follow global and local trends 

Entrepreneurship is also about the ability to anticipate certain changes that generate new needs or problems. Therefore, it helps to stay up to date with the trends in your industries of interest and to learn about the economy in general. There are various periodic reports that come with new insights into niche areas or general trends that you need to know about and for which you can anticipate adjacent products or services.

2. Get inspired by the stories of other entrepreneurs

By reading or listening about their journey, you will be able to see the mindset it took for them to succeed, the lessons that are important to them, or how they came up with their own business ideas. You can also use their experience to shape your own business model, but it is important to pay attention to the fact that you cannot fully replicate a successful business, especially when adapting it to the local market. As I wrote above, success often depends on how you build and run your business, not just the business idea. Want to enroll in online classes 6 pillars of iman

Author : al muhammadi academy

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