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The Thridarangar Lighthouse is one of the world’s most isolated locations.

Within sight of the Vestmann Islands, the Thridarangar Lighthouse in Iceland’s southernmost region is located in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean only a few miles from the shore of the country. It is the world’s most remote lighthouse, and it can only be reached by helicopter.

The Thridarangar Lighthouse, which literally translates as “three rocks” in the Icelandic language, was erected in 1939 atop the tallest of three rocky spurs that make up this tiny collection of rock formations. It was the first lighthouse built in Iceland. It is impossible to approach the lighthouse by boat due to the continual impact of the freezing ocean waves that fiercely smash on the cliff face and erode the rock face. Due to its elevated position on the top of a steep and potentially hazardous rock formation, the lighthouse, which rises 36 meters tall and can only be reached from the air, is a truly unique attraction.

The Thridarangar Lighthouse can only be reached by helicopter, which is the sole mode of transportation. A small heliport is located at the top of the area, which provides an absolutely breathtaking view. Essentially, it is a concrete platform that was constructed at the same time as the lighthouse and is used for refuelling and maintenance purposes.

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