What to Do If Facebook Messenger Isn’t Working?

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There are a variety of ways to fix it to fix the issue if Facebook Messenger is not working. You could try starting your device, clearing files and cache or setting preferences for the app. If neither of the above options are working, you might need to reach out to Facebook support. If neither of the methods are working, try these suggestions:

Why Is Facebook Messenger Not Working?

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working Issue?

Easy Ways to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working on Your Phone

Restarting your Phone

Restarting your phone can solve many issues, like the non-working Messenger application. Rebooting your phone can clean up the cache and memory on the system. First, close the Messenger application, hold down the power key until you can see an option called Power Options. Next, you can select Restart to reboot your phone. Retry using the app. If the issue persists you can try alternatives, such as clear the cache as well as data.

Why is Facebook Messenger Not Working On My Phone?

Fix: Facebook Messenger App is not Working Issue

The force-quitting of Facebook Messenger may also fix the issue. Force-quit the Messenger app on your phone by tapping upwards or downwards on the home screen. Make sure you are using the Messenger application is up-to-date. If the app is out of date remove it and remove it Play Store. Sometimes clearing the app’s cache can resolve the issue. If this doesn’t solve the issue then try installing Messenger.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working Issue?

Why Is My Facebook Messenger Not Working?

Restarting your phone can resolve numerous issues, such as Facebook Messenger not working. Restarting your phone will eliminate the applications running on your phone , making it more capable of responding in response to Facebook Messenger. If the application isn’t functioning it is also possible to try changing the settings for your network. This technique works on both Android as well as iOS devices. If you’re not able to resolve the problem, restarting your phone will restart all active applications on your phone. After restarting the phone, Messenger will work again. Messenger app will function once more.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger if it’s not Working Properly?

Why is Facebook Messenger Not Working on My Phone?

Resetting the app’s preferences

If you’re experiencing issues with the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone, the best solution would be to reset your settings of the app. This won’t erase any information however it will restore the settings back to their original condition. To accomplish this, start the Settings app and then tap the Notifications and Apps tab. Select Manage apps. From there, click to open the “See all apps” option.

Best Ways To Resolve Issue On Facebook Messenger

Reasons Why is My Facebook Messenger Not Working?

You can also use the alternatively, you can use the Safe Mode option to reboot your phone. In this way the phone will start up the system applications and will block any third-party apps. This will solve your Messenger problem. After that, you are able to download the Messenger application via Google Play Store. Google Play Store. Be sure to sign in once more with you Facebook account. Resetting preferences in the app won’t change any previously stored data as well as make all notifications available.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working Issue?

Why is My Facebook Messenger Not Working?

Alternately, you can close the Messenger application. This is the most efficient method to fix the Facebook Messenger not working issue. If you’re unable to force close the app, you can try pressing on the Force Stop button in the Settings app. Once it’s closed, simply launch the app and try it again. Sometimes, a corrupted cache file may cause Messenger to slow down. To remove the cache, open the Settings menu and then select System. Be sure to select the option “Set time zone automatically”.

How To Fix The Facebook Messenger Issues?

Why Is Facebook Messenger Not Working?

Clearing caches and data from the app

This option is only intended for Android users. To erase data and cache from apps open the settings of your smartphone. Within the app section, you can tap on Messenger. Next, click on “Clear cache and data”. After that, you can start your Facebook Messenger app to send and receive media. The app should be functioning properly. It is possible be able to receive and send messages in the same way as you normally would. If you don’t see any messages, you aren’t able to send messages.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working Issue?

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working Problem?

Another option can be to restart the device. Restarting your phone can solve numerous issues such as this one. Restarting the phone will cause the phone to close any running apps so that it can concentrate on the Messenger application. In accordance with the model of your phone it is possible to turn off and restart your device. This will clean out the cache of data and app and make sure it’s Messenger app is running smoothly. If this doesn’t work Try uninstalling the application and installing the most recent version.


Why is My Facebook Messenger Not Working on My iPhone?

Another way to solve Facebook Messenger’s running issue is to reset your phone. Restarting your phone can aid in removing any issues that could cause the application to malfunction. This is the most straightforward method to resolve the issue. If you want to restart your device, press your power button down for couple of secondsand then select Restart from the menu that pops up. After that, try the application again. If the issue remains then you should clear the cache and the data in the Messenger application.


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