Are you looking for a way to buy an iPhone on EMI without using a credit card?

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Since its introduction in 2007, the iPhone has been a revolutionary device. The iPhone has set the bar for modern smartphones, from its sleek, intuitive design to its pioneering technology.  It is estimated that there were approximately 1 billion iPhone users by the end of 2021, with the number steadily increasing. 

Globally, there are approximately 3.8 billion smartphone users, out of which iPhone users account for around 26%. Fans and speculators alike go crazy over the brand’s features, style, charm and models every time a new iPhone is released.

The one criticism about the iPhone is the price. It’s exorbitant even in comparison to other Android phones with similar features. If someone has been putting off purchasing an iPhone because it is out of their budget, this guide is for them.

When buying an iPhone, why should one go for EMIs?

Customers are deterred from acquiring iPhones since they cannot afford to pay the phone’s full price in one go. EMIs enter the scene at this point. Customers who use EMI can pay for their items in installments rather than at once, greatly easing their financial strain.

Through EMIs, they can purchase their preferred iPhone now and pay for it later. People who decide to buy iPhone on EMI make a wise decision because there are no hidden expenses. Individuals pay the same amount as if they paid in full at the time of purchase.

Further, it will also help a person improve their credit score. Most credit cards allow cardholders to buy an item and pay for it later. However, if one does not have a credit card, do not worry. Below are some alternatives to buying iPhones on EMI without a credit card. 

What are the options to buy iPhone on EMI without a credit card? 

  1. Personal Loans

Getting a personal loan is one option to buy an iPhone without using a credit card. Personal loans can be utilized to purchase an iPhone without paying the full price upfront. Borrowers can take out a loan for the cost of the iPhone and pay it back whenever they want.

Banks and NBFCs widely offer these loans. They are available with minimum documentation and no collateral requirements. Before agreeing to grant the loan, the personal loan provider will examine people’s credit scores; thus, it is good to check the score first.

  1. Consumer Lending Fintech Companies 

Consumer lending fintech companies assist borrowers in breaking down their current purchases into EMIs and allowing them to repay them over a certain period. Individuals can purchase the iPhone first and then pay for it later.

These companies provide no-cost EMI to people on their debit cards when they need it, allowing them to meet their phone needs. They are well-known for delivering online and offline shopping options, allowing customers to shop for their favourite things with ease.

All that is required is the submission of basic personal and financial information. Furthermore, the procedure is quick and seamless, requiring little to no paperwork. Individuals need to, however, ensure that they choose a reputable lender. Emilife, a trustworthy no-cost EMI lender, allows buying iPhones on a no-cost favorable EMI plan. 

  1. Debit Card EMI

If a person does not have a credit card, they can buy iPhone on EMI with their debit card. They must first check with their bank to see if they are eligible for this option. If they qualify, customers can buy iPhones and repay the borrowed funds in manageable EMIs over a certain period.

  1. EMI cards

An EMI card can be used to buy an iPhone on EMI without a credit card. This is typically a pre-approved loan that allows the purchase and breaks the cost down into manageable monthly payments. EMI cards are available from almost all major banks that offer personal loans.


Before purchasing an iPhone on EMI, borrowers need to ensure that they can make the payments without sacrificing too much else. Take caution not to overborrow while purchasing an iPhone on EMI. Make sure the budget permits for this investment and that they can effectively manage the payments.

One of the essential things to do when purchasing an iPhone on EMI is to select the appropriate EMI option, as the monthly installments will impact the budget. Last but not least, people need to ensure that they choose a trusted and reliable company so that their transactions can be safe.

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