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You have already carried out an e-bike men’s test and can not yet decide on the right bike? We will once again show you the best-known purchase criteria, best hoverboard app which are of important importance when choosing. Thus, you can decide whether the respective point is suitable for you or not.

  • Driving comfort
  • Battery capacity
  • Power in watts
  • Maximum speed in km/h
  • Maximum range in km
  • Type of gearshift
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • with starting aid
  • Wheel and frame size in inches/cm
  • Max. rider weight in kg
  • incl. LCD display

Engine positions at a glance

The e-bikes are equipped with engines from manufacturers such as Bosch, which have a certain position depending on the make and model (mid-, front- and rear-engined). Let’s now briefly discuss the three types.

The rear engine is also known as the rear hub or rear wheel motor and transmits the full power to the rear axle. It is only available together with a derailleur and primarily has very good traction, as the center of gravity is shifted to the rear.

The front-engine transmits the power directly to the front hub and can be combined with all gearshifts. Disadvantage: In damp weather, the front wheel can spin and the steering can become sluggish.

The mid-engine transmits the power directly to the bottom bracket and can be combined with all gears. Here the center of gravity is well balanced, which makes the engine very popular. Accordingly, it is most often installed. Among other things, you will find this type in Cube e-bike men.

Chain and hub gears in a men’s e-bike

In a test for men’s e-bikes, two gears often occur chain and hub gears. The hub gear is low-wear and low-maintenance but also has fewer gears. It is therefore ideally suited for the city. But a derailleur is also good for the city and also scores points if you often drive uphill. The up to 21 gears can be easily changed with one finger and ensure the desired transmission.

Cleaning and maintenance of an e-bike gentleman

Even the best cheap e-bike for adults is of no use to you if it is not regularly maintained and maintained. Especially with a bicycle, which costs 1,000 euros upwards, this should be in the first place. Basically, it should be cleaned at regular intervals. Do not use a high-pressure cleaner and aggressive cleaning agents. A sponge with lukewarm water and an all-purpose cleaner plus a garden hose is sufficient.

After all, components have been cleaned, the chain must be lubricated regularly to ensure smooth operation. Thus, no rust can form between the chain links. In addition, please note the tips and tricks in the user manual, which each manufacturer encloses.

Tip: You will also find great offers at discounters such as Lidl and Aldi at regular intervals. Even at Tchibo, you can buy e-bikes for men.

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