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In Spain, the prices of scrap car batteries fluctuate depending on the quality or better known in the industry of the grade of metal in the scrap battery that it has. The scrap battery prices shown on this page are an estimate of the expected price per kg of your scrap battery in Spain. There are other considerations to be made as well, including valuing other pieces of junk that might be attached to your car’s battery. Scrap Car Batteries have a particularly varied price range, however the prices below will give you an idea of ​​what a scrap car battery is worth in Spain.

Scrap Car Batteries can be sold to scrap yards throughout Spain, typically by the quantity. In general, a car battery is a common type of scrap metal and so as a result scrap car battery prices are up and down. Scrap car batteries are often found in many peoples garages, sheds etc.

Car scrap battery prices

It is good to know the correct scrap car battery prices in Spain so that when you take a quantity of scrap car batteries to a scrap yard in Spain you get the best Skrotpriser per battery or kilo that you can. Non-ferrous metals such as Nickel, steel, brass, aluminum etc can repeatedly be recycled by scrap yards. The average and current prices for scrap car batteries are listed below:

Car Scrap Battery Prices:  €1.30 – €3.25 per battery

What scrapping gives you more for your car?

Well, it depends, one of the best ways to find out is by looking at its size, if it has a large hood it is because many users have preferred to deliver their car to that scrapyard because they were paid more. In any case, it will always be better to contrast it with other offers, surely your intuition ends up being true.

Scrapping Paris is one of the largest scrapping yards in Spain, this has been thanks to the trust placed in us by thousands of customers since we opened our doors, so we encourage you to contact us if you want to know how much you will receive for giving lower your car with us.

We have a car that works. This situation is more common than normal since it can work perfectly or have some small flaw, however it is also a good option to sell a damaged car to scrap because depending on how the fault is, we will continue to receive an interesting economic compensation in addition to taking away from having to fix it.

We have a wrecked car.

Either because we have had an accident and our car has been damaged or a lot of water has entered us due to flooding or even our car has caught fire and we have a burnt-out car, it is best to forget about it and let the scrapping be the that I process the cancellation and accept the small offerthat will come to us since knowing how much they will give you in the scrapyard for a wrecked, flooded or burned car is very difficult because it will depend on its state, for example; If we have a very strong blow to the rear of the car and the engine parts can still be saved, that car will be worth much more than one in which only certain sheet metal parts can be saved because the latter will be worth almost nothing. If water has entered the car and it has not affected the upholstery or any other part of the engine, it will be worth much more than one that has been washed away by torrential rains.

In short, depending on the state, age and model , you can get an idea of ​​what you will be paid in a scrap yard for a car.


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