How to play and how to win the Powerball lottery with Power play

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Did you know that many people are throwing away winning Powerball lottery tickets without knowing it?

This is because many people do not know about the different ways that exist to win a prize in this lottery.

Below I explain about the different ways in which you can win a prize in Powerball.

You must first understand that the game is divided into three (3) parts. You should also understand that although the game is called “Powerball”, Powerball is a part of the game. I explain:

The white bowling area that has numbers from 1 to 69. From this area you choose five (5) numbers. You can also play “Auto” and the machine picks the five (5) numbers for you.

The 파워볼사이트 area, which are the red pins that have numbers from 1 to 26. From this area you choose one (1) number. You can also play “Automatic” and the machine chooses the number for you.

These two plays is the basic Powerball which will cost you two dollars ($2).

With this play you can win up to nine (9) prizes. One major prize, the Jackpot, and eight (8) smaller prizes. We can say that we have a first prize and other smaller prizes ranging from prize number two (2) to prize number nine (9).

To win the jackpot, you have to match all five (5) white numbers and the red pin. In other words, you have to match the six (6) numbers you marked on the ballot.

If more than one person wins the Jackpot, the accumulated amount is divided equally among all the winners.

Minor prizes depend on how many white pins you hit and whether you hit the red pin or not.

Minor prizes are paid in full to winners. It doesn’t matter how many people have won those awards.

The Power play area is an optional play where if you play it you win additional money from the minor prizes depending on which pin comes out in this area. A bolus number 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 can come out. The number of that bolus that comes out will be how many times the minor prize won will be multiplied.

This play does not affect the jackpot, this will always be the same whether Power play is played or not.

This play will cost you an additional dollar ($1). In this case, your total ticket will cost you three dollars ($3): $2 for the Powerball and $1 for the Power play.

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