D Link Extender Setup Steps for Newbies

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Don’t know how to set up a D Link extender? Worry not! Get through the following steps to perform the D Link extender setup. Preparation is always crucial to do the setup properly. After that, you should know which step comes first. So, make sure you don’t miss out on even a single detail.

Without wasting any time, let’s get into the matter. Go through the below-mentioned points to know how to get started with the setup process. Keep reading to ensure you don’t get stuck while doing the setup. Roll further.

Steps to do D Link Extender Setup

Set Extender

Start with unboxing the D Link extender. Take it out of the box along with the Ethernet cable and the antennas. Attach the antennas to the D Link WiFi range extender. Furthermore, make sure there is nothing wrong with the extender. For that, you should physically inspect the device.

Place the Extender

One of the most crucial steps in D Link WiFi extender setup is the extender placement. Don’t place the extender anywhere in the house. Rather, choose the central location of your house. It ensures every corner gets the same quality and quantity of WiFi signals. Moreover, set it away from windows, mirrors, electrical appliances, and cabinets.

Connect With Router

The connection between the D Link extender and the host router should be strong and stable. Otherwise, your extender won’t boost the current WiFi signals. So, get hold of an Ethernet cable and connect them. Apart from the Ethernet cable, a wireless connection can also serve you. Just be wary of the distance between the devices.

Access Web Browser

After connecting your D Link extender to a router, turn on a computer or a laptop. After that, you should launch a web browser. However, while doing so, you should ensure that it has the latest software version. Moreover, compatibility should also be there with your computer. You should clean the cookies and cache files of the chosen web browser.

Open Official Web Address

Enter http://dlinkap.local in the web browser. You should use the address bar rather than the search bar of your web browser. Moreover, typing mistakes are pretty common when entering the web address. Therefore, you should be utterly conscious to ensure you don’t enter the wrong information. Always keep the Caps Lock keys turned off when you enter the official web address.

Do Extender Login

To complete the setup, you need to have access to the D Link extender dashboard. So, for that, you need to do the D Link WiFi range extender login. Hence, get hold of the login details of your extender account. In case you don’t the details, get through the extender user manual. Once you have the Admin password, you are good to go with the extender login process.

Follow Instructions

Entering the Admin password will log you into the D Link extender dashboard. Hence, you get access to all the D Link extender settings. Apart from that, numerous messages or on-screen instructions are going to pop up on your screen. You need to go through each setting to accept and apply it. Applying the settings will complete the D Link extender setup process.


Having the right knowledge to start the extender installation process is crucial. Hence, the aforementioned steps will come in handy. To ensure nothing goes astray, keep a check on a few things. For instance, the extender placement, an up-to-date web browser, consistent electricity supply, stable & strong internet connection, and correct Admin password.

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All these things ensure you complete the extender setup process without any hassle. So, be prepared with even the minutest thing to never rush at the last moment. Following all the steps in the correct order will complete the extender setup in an instant.

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