Facebook Analytics Tools to Use Now

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Facebook Analytics Tools to Use Now

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It isn’t easy to explain the intricate aspects of managing social media to those who do not have a background in digital marketing. However, (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) sometimes, you need to get it right (e.g., when a key stakeholder is from different background). This is where metrics such as ROI can come in.


With analytics, you can present your progress to people who aren’t practicing social media marketing for themselves.


The importance of Facebook analytics metrics

Once you’ve mastered the basics of the four platforms for analytics and why they’re so important, let’s look at the most important analytics metrics. This section will outline the six distinct categories and several specific metrics that you must be monitoring.


Facebook Page analytics

Facebook Page analytics tell you how your Facebook Page is performing. These metrics focus on your engagement. Your engagement encompasses all reactions, comments, likes, and shares that your likes and shares that your followers and other Facebook users provide to your page.


Below are two-page metrics that you must keep track of.


Facebook Page Engagement Rate

In the beginning, be aware of the rate of engagement on your Facebook page. This measures the percentage of people who engaged with your page about the total Reach. It is possible to calculate the rate of engagement using this formula:



Engagement Reach

You should also keep track of your Reach on engagement. The engagement reach of your page is the amount of non-follower Facebook users who have interacted with your content. You can determine your reaching per Facebook Page by using this formula:

Facebook audience insights

The Facebook insights for the audience are an excellent way to track who’s taking notice of your advertisements and help you evaluate your audience metrics with your intended audience. There are two metrics for audience engagement that you should keep track of.


Age and gender breakdown

The breakdown of your gender and age is a simple measurement to keep track of. It lets you know who is viewing your content and allows you to adapt your strategy to the needs of your audience.


You can check the breakdown of gender and age of your followers in Insights or by using an analytics tool such as Hootsuite.


Facebook users’ genders and ages are breakdowns in Facebook Insights

Top locations for audience

The metric is pretty straightforward; however, it is still important for companies with physical sites or focusing on local. If you’re one of them, ensure that you monitor whether it’s locals viewing and engaging on your website (otherwise, you might need to reconsider your approach! ).


You can track your audience’s place in Insights:


Top Cities listed in the “Top Audience Locations” section of Facebook Insights

Facebook ads analytics

While it’s essential to ensure that your advertising budget stays within your budget, looking at the total amount on your bill won’t give you a sense of what you’re getting for your money. Three metrics are important to monitor instead.


Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Your CTR shows you the percentage of people who saw the ad did click on the ad. You can determine your CTR by using the following equation:

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

Your CPC will tell you how much the cost of each click is. This measure can help you determine if you are over or under-investing in your advertising objectives on Facebook. Here’s how to determine your CPC.



Note: The mean CPC of 2020 stood at $0.39.


Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM)

Your CPM shows you the amount it will cost you to reach out to 1,000 people. This measurement is ideal for evaluating your value in dollars across quarters, months, and even years. Calculate your CPC by using the following equation:



Facebook Group analytics

Facebook Group analytics help you track engagement inside a Facebook group. These Groups are rapidly becoming a well-known marketing tool for companies. They offer a personalized customer service experience and the opportunity to create communities.


Here are two measures to evaluate your Facebook Group’s performance.


New members joining monthly

A healthy Facebook group should have new members joining. To make sure your Group falls into this category, you’ll need to track the number of people who join your Group every month. Click here, You can find the new member’s numbers using Insights > Group Insights New Members.


Top contributors in the past 28 days

These are probably to be your best-loved customers, so it’s worthwhile to keep in mind their activities and interact with them. This data is also accessible through Group Insights.


Facebook Live analytics

Facebook first launched Live as a Live feature in the year 2016. Since then, companies have used it to communicate news, engage with customers or promote their products to celebrities. If you are using Facebook Live in your marketing, Try evaluating its impact using these indicators.


Peak Live Viewers

This is the number of viewers watching at the highest duration during your live stream. Facebook determines this for you and classifies the number as Peak Live Viewers, shown in the picture below.


Average % Completion

This measure will let you know the percentage of viewers who watched the entire Live. It will allow you to understand how well your Live stream engaged viewers and what you could do to enhance your performance.


Facebook video analytics

Facebook has promoted videos in a way that has grown increasingly popular over the last few years, and companies have taken note of this. If you’re using Facebook video in your ads, ensure that you monitor the retention of your viewers and the Reach of your video.


Audience Retention

Your audience retention rate is the percentage of your video viewers watching throughout. This measure is ideal for evaluating the quality of your video because you can identify the portion of your video where viewers are most likely to leave. This metric can be viewed via Facebook Insights, as you will see below.

Video Reach over 28-Days

The Reach of your video shows how many people have viewed your video in 28 days. Although monitoring your Reach over a prolonged period might seem odd, the 28-day period gives your video the possibility to increase its recognition. You can track your video’s Reach in Facebook Insights:

Facebook video post details with an overview of the Reach of posts, their engagement, and feedback metrics.


Although Facebook Analytics will be missed by many, Facebook is not leaving marketers in the dark. You’ll still be able to monitor your social media marketing performance using different Facebook analytics tools and third-party solutions for managing social media, such as Hootsuite.

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