Interesting Facts About Affenpinschers

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If you plan to have Affenpinschers, keep in mind that they can be challenging to housetrain, and crate training is advised. And despite the fact that their wiry fur is considered hypoallergenic, they can still shed and produce dander, as all dogs do.

Affenpinschers were once ratters, so they won’t typically get along with rodent pets like ferrets, gerbils, and hamsters. However, they can be friends with other dogs or even cats, especially if they were raised together. In general, Affens aren’t into toddlers/small children. Instead, they’re ideal for adults or older children.

The Affen breed is rare, so expect to wait a considerable time if you’re planning to get one. But before that, be sure to buy from a reputable source so that it has a good temperament and is tested to be free of any genetic disease. Refrain from buying from irresponsible breeders, pet stores, or puppy mills.

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