Gardening as an Activity to Aid in Mental health and Wellbeing – Dr. Curtis Cripe

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Any activity in sync with nature is good for our health. There is much evidence strongly suggesting that if we tend to spend more time in a greener environment, it can help reduced stress, improve mood, and improve overall mental and physical wellbeing. Considering these, gardening is an activity that can provide many benefits to physical and psychological health. In this article, we will discuss a few gardening-related well-being tips.

Gardening helping in stress reduction – Dr. Curtis Cripe

  • Many studies show the relevance of gardening to help with mental health, which is a crucial consideration for treating adults with depression and anxiety. Some researchers have found that the more time people spend in their gardens, there are the fewer incidents of stress they suffer. Dr. Curtis Cripe also points out the data from another study in the Mental Health Journal, which shows that gardening can improve mood by reducing depression and anxiety symptoms.
  • It has been proven that gardening has a great potential for people with mental health needs to get over it. Gardening can offer a wide range of activities than any other therapeutic intervention. Besides being a place for relaxation, gardens can also provide a sense of achievement when your efforts are fulfilled. This will help boost confidence, self-esteem, and a feeling of pride in people. There is much evidence that simply by looking over the green space, one can have many positive thoughts, and those who suffer from mental health issues can get rid of their distress through such practices.
  • Immersion in the vegetation, like nature walks, is used as strategies in mental health therapies. These have helped to reduce depression in older adults. Adding to it, plant care and outdoor gardening may expose people to more sunshine, so increasing the amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D can stimulate a chemical in the brain which induces happiness. Plant-filled gardens and home surroundings can also help boost people’s memory and attention span as they age. Garden watching can also improve the overall mood and happiness we can witness in our everyday lives.
  • Humans have a natural urge to be surrounded by nature, and gardening is the most effective way to fulfill this innate urge. Those who live in a high-stress environment or do a stressful job can benefit mainly from gardening to get relief from anxiety and stress. Garden activities will allow the brain to focus on different tasks. Moreover, gardening can also provide enough physical activities and exercise to people. Along with enjoying the happiness and stress relief through gardening, it can also help your body be healthy and fit.

So, Dr. Curtis Cripe suggests that those suffering from mental health illnesses try out gardening as an alternative approach to treatment. For those who suffer from work-related stressors, gardening can be a pass-time and stress-relieving activity to make them relaxed and happier. Gardening is also an activity that you can indulge in with your family members, which will help strengthen the family and social bonding.

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