How To Choose the Right Pillow Case?

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The pillowcase is a popular textile accessory for creating comfortable conditions for sleeping and relaxing.

Pillowcases are multifunctional, their tasks are as follows.

Why do you need pillowcases?

  1. Protecting the pillow from dirt, dust, and natural skin secretions (sweat, grease). Due to the presence of a pillowcase, the pillow will be less likely to be cleaned and washed, which will significantly extend its service life.
  2. Creation of optimal conditions for hygienic and sanitary requirements (keeping the bed clean). A pillowcase is easy to change and easier to wash than a pillow.
  3. Creation of a kind of barrier (together with the pillow cover), which minimizes the release of dust, possible waste products of dust mites, out of the pillow filler.
  4. Establishing optimal air exchange between the contents of the pillow and the external environment. This prevents the formation of a moist environment in the pillow filler, which, in turn, blocks the reproduction of various microorganisms.

To choose and pillowcase, you should follow simple rules. What needs to be taken into account?

Choosing a pillowcase for its intended purpose

Pillowcases can be:

  • Decorative;
  • Classic bedding, for everyday use.

In the first case, the emphasis is on the appearance of the pillowcase (synthetic fabric is allowed, decor in the form of ruffles, frills, rhinestones, bright prints, embroidery, etc.). In the second case, the main thing is the fabric (mostly natural).

Choosing a pillowcase by size

The size of the pillowcase should match the size of the pillow.

A large pillowcase will create voids where dust can accumulate and the pillow will move around inside the pillowcase.

A small pillowcase will not be able to accommodate the pillow or will make it so dense that it will be impossible to sleep on it. Also, a small pillowcase will deform the pillow, which will affect both the quality of sleep and the life of the pillow.

The most popular sizes (both pillows and pillowcases for her), offered by modern manufacturers, are:

  • 50×70 cm
  • 70×70 cm

However, pillowcases of other sizes can also be found on sale.

Decorative pillowcases come in a variety of sizes, they can go as an independent unit or as a set with a pillow. In the Satin online store, decorative pillowcases are presented by Home Line (made of velour, size 42×42 cm), LA Scala (made of jacquard fabric, size 40×40 cm) models.

Some decorative pillowcases can also be used for sleeping (alternative for those with custom-sized pillows). For example, pillowcases made of natural or semi-natural fabrics from TM BEIK-MORANDI sized 40×40 cm from linen or 47×47 cm from mixed fabric (cotton and polyester).

Choosing a pillowcase by fabric

For everyday use, it is advisable to choose pillowcases made from natural materials or mixed fabrics with a slight addition of synthetic threads.

You can buy the satin pillowcase from different types available:

  • From cotton fabric (coarse calico, satin, satin jacquard, stripe satin)
  • Made of bamboo fiber fabric;
  • From linen fabric.
  • These pillowcases can be called standard, single-layer.

There are also pillow covers that are multi-layered (they may also be called covers).

  1. These are waterproof U-TEK pillowcases, made of natural fabric, but at the same time, the wrong side of the fabric is laminated with a polyurethane membrane.
  2. These are Quilted Pillow Cases (Cushion Covers):
  • Light House: top – microfiber, backing – polystyrene interlining;
  • U-TEK: A padding polyester is enclosed in a quilted microfiber cover.

The choice of pillowcases by design features

The shape and appearance of pillowcases

The shape of pillowcases can be rectangular (for example, 50×70 cm) or square (70×70 cm, etc.).

In appearance, the following groups of pillowcases can be distinguished:

  • Classic (the edges of the pillowcases have an internal seam). Popular models of such pillowcases are Viluta , Lotus, Casabel ;
  • Oxford or pillowcases “with ears” – on the front side along the edge of the pillowcase along the entire perimeter (or on its opposite sides) there is a fabric border, 3-5 cm in size. In the Satin online store, these are pillowcases from TM Arya, Karaca Home, LeVele.
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