How to Make Infographics With Canva in 5 Simple Steps

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How to Make Infographics With Canva in 5 Simple Steps

Infographics are a great way to communicate data and statistics clearly engage your audience and share your content on social media. You don’t have to be a designer to create stunning infographics. Continue reading to learn how to create infographics. check now

This article will discuss:

  • Why infographics are important
  • Infographic creator has many benefits
  • How to create infographics. Step-by-step instructions
  • How to share infographics around the globe
  • Top tips for creating successful infographics

You will be able to create infographics and share them on social media by the end of this article. Let’s get started!

Why make infographics?

Before we get into how to create infographics let’s first consider the benefits of infographics.

Engage your audience

It can be a great way to engage your readers and grab their attention on your website or social media by displaying infographics.

Infographics can increase brand engagement by as much as 65%.

Make it easy for your readers to understand the data

Your audience will be able to easily digest complex information by visualizing it in an easy-to-read infographic. Research shows that visual information is more effective than plain Text for 40% of people. An infographic is a great way to communicate your data and make it memorable.

Increase traffic to your site

Infographics can be a great way to present data and statistics engaging and visually appealing. This can help increase your social sharing and reach a wider audience. This engagement can knock on your social following and increase traffic to your website. Visually’s research shows infographics increase traffic by 12% more than those that do not.

Now we have an overview of the benefits of infographics. Next, let’s talk about the benefits of creating infographics.

Canva – An overview

Canva is an online tool for graphic designers, from novices to professionals. It allows you to create amazing content. The platform offers a variety of powerful features and an extensive library of fonts, photos, and graphics. Whatever your design project may be, it will turn out professional and elegant.

How to create infographics

Most important asset is its drag-and-drop infographic maker. Here are some of the best features.

Although premium elements can be purchased has many options for free.

Drag and Drop Page Builder: Simply drag and drop elements to move around the page.

Pre-made infographic templates available: Select from a range of pre-made layouts, both free and premium, that can be used for various projects.

Photos and Design Elements: Access thousands of pictures and graphic design elements that will help you create stunning infographics.

Allows you to share your infographics.

Now we have a basic understanding. Next we’ll learn how to create infographics.

 How to create infographics

You will need an account to get started. Log in via Facebook, Gmail, or any other email address.

How to create infographics – Sign up

After logging in, follow these instructions to create a design. Following select Infographic under Create a Design.

Create an Infographic

You can now create your infographic using the dashboard. Let’s take a look at some of the available design tools and learn how to use them for your first infographic.

Step 1: Explore the layouts

Offers a range of pre-designed infographic templates, both premium and free. They vary in design subject and Layout. You will likely find a template that matches your project. Skip to step 2 and choose your background to create your infographic.

How to create infographics

First, choose Layout from the left-hand menu bar. Scroll down until you find the Layout that best suits your needs. Click on the Layout you like to move it into the center of the page.

How to create infographics

You can customize a layout by clicking on any individual element. You can then modify or replace the background, images, and other features (covered in greater detail in steps 2 through 4).

Step 2: Select a background

Offers a wide range of backgrounds that you can choose from, including premium and free. There is something for everyone, whether you need a pattern, a block color, or an image.

How to create infographics

Makes it easy to change your infographic background. Select background from the menu and then browse through the many experiences. Click on a location to see it in the infographic if you have difficulty choosing.

Background 2: How to create infographics

After you’ve chosen your background, you will be able to customize it using the editor menu. You can change the background color, add filters or alter transparency.

Step 3: Add the Text

Once you have chosen the background for your infographic, you can begin to add the Text.

How to create infographics

Click on Text, then drag and drop heading styles or other example fonts. You can write directly into the text boxes and then adjust the size or position of your infographic text as needed. You can also customize the page using the editor menu located at the top.

Step 4: Choose the correct graphic elements

The most important section to learn about is Elements. These graphics will allow you to add visual elements that are fun and engaging to your infographic while supporting the critical points in the Text.

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Many categories can be broken down into elements:

  • Get Free Photos
  • Grids and frames
  • Shapes and Lines
  • Illustrations and icons

How to create infographics

Select the category you wish to use for your infographic and double-click on or drag the element onto the screen. Below I have included white squares and graphics from Illustrations and a Table from Charts. A few of my images have been uploaded (uploading images covered next).

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