7 Essay Writing Mistakes You Must Look Out For

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While Essay writing is many students’ forte, some have a really hard time penning down interesting content. Even though there are plenty of articles on the web, most of them are centered around structuring and neat essay writing. But rarely someone discuss about the mistakes. In this blog, you will get to see the errors that students frequently commit.

  1. Providing Irrelevant or Unnecessary Arguments

Your teachers constantly advise you to back up your claims with solid evidence. Some students take this to heart and write down as many facts, figures, and quotes as they can. If you’re writing a standard 5-paragraph essay, you’ll need three key points. To make the thesis point more plausible, don’t make the paper more complicated by writing unrelated statements.

Even if you’ve been instructed to write extensive and relevant essays, you should nonetheless filter the material you present. Your goal is to introduce the reader to the issue while providing them with enough but limited information.


  • Keep the essay prompt in mind. If it’s intricate, make sure to review the final document before submitting it.
  • Please ensure you provide all of the important details your essay requires.
  • Remove any irrelevant data and information.
  1. Not Having a Debatable Thesis Statement

Thesis statement is the central theme of your essay. Not only do students forget to add a thesis statement in the introduction, they do not make it interesting to read even. So, it is imperative that you make it debatable, as it is the hook on which the flow of the essay depends. Also, make sure to include a rephrased thesis statement in conclusion.


  • To make the thesis statement exciting, you have to start with a question, based on the topic.
  • You should provide an initial answer to the question (make sure that the question is narrowed down)
  • Work on the answer and fine-tune it, and ensure that you can convince the readers with your statement.

If you need essay assignment help online, then you should hire professional experts.

  1. Plagiarism

If you are not able to develop your ideas, you must not rip off materials from published documents. Plagiarism is a grave offence, and if you get caught, you will be accused of academic dishonesty. Furthermore, you will lose crucial marks.

So, it is wise if you explore various resources, understand the subject matter and write the content in your own words. And if you do quote sentences, theorems or Law statements, you must cite the sources immediately.

Pro Tip: All professors use sophisticated software like CopyScape or Turnitin, to make sure that the content is unique. So, you must do the same before you submit your essay, thesis or dissertation. And if you come across any plagiarized sentences, you must paraphrase them accordingly.

If you wonder, “Who can help with essay?” then you can take assistance from teachers, peers or seniors.

  1. Incorrect Formatting

If you wish to state your thoughts, ideas or facts in an organized manner, then you have to create a template. The essay is not all about just creating good content. There should be a chronology of the different sections. For instance, you should always begin with an interesting introduction, write a 3-paragraph body (unless specified otherwise), and wrap up with a succinct conclusion.

Quick Tip: If you struggle with the format of the essay, then it is a good decision to pore through various sample essays available online. Once you go through the samples, you will have an idea how to write the essay in a structured way.

And if you cannot determine how to write the essay as per a given outline, then you should seek essay assignment help in the USA.

  1. Not Curating an Attractive Introduction

Most often, the professors lose interest in reading the essay as the students do not begin with a catchy introduction. The hook of the introduction is boring. Moreover, the students do not include the main concepts and brief introduction of the subject matter. So, the readers cannot figure out what they are to expect from the body of the essay.

Quick Tip: Start with a quote, state a relevant fact or ask a question to your readers when you commence essay writing. Following this, you state the thesis statement. Then, you highlight the essential details of the topic in the introduction. This will make your introduction compact and interesting to read.

  1. Repeating the Same Aspects in the Conclusion

When students conclude the essay, they often repeat what they have stated in the introduction. Now, if you do this, it will lead to redundancy, and it will make the content dull. Furthermore, many students try to highlight all the points that they have mentioned in the body of the essay.

Solution: In the conclusion, you are supposed to showcase the main points that you have discussed in the essay. Moreover, you have to state the rephrased thesis statement. And you should incorporate a CTA for the readers. If possible, you can also talk about the areas that require further research.

  1. Not Including Transition Words

When you make a switch from one paragraph to other or from one idea to another, then you should include transition words. Different paragraphs represent different topic sentences, although they may belong to the same essay, so there should be a transition between the sentences. But it does not mean that they would sound like separate pieces. The content must be cohesive.

Remedy: When you write the essay, do not forget to implement transition words. These include ‘Moreover’, ‘In reference to the previous statement’, ‘On the contrary, ‘Regarding this statement’, and much more. Your aim is to make the content as smooth as possible so that the experts have a great time reading.

These are some of the mistakes that you need to look out for. If you pay heed to the mistakes and keep your eyes open, then you can secure exemplary grades.

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