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The tell-tale signs of aging leave you feeling miserable. No amount of cosmetics can improve your appearance and make you appear years younger. Your confidence is shaken as a result. There is an excellent solution to turn back the clock, however. Feel free to consider a Washington DC face lift and reap the benefits. You will be blown away by the effect and will not regret going under the knife for a single moment.

You do not have to be scared of the surgery either. Sure, it is an invasive procedure with the delicate skin of your face being lifted, yet you cannot feel a thing. Recovery happens to be speedy as well. The risks are greatly minimized once an experienced cosmetic surgeon takes over and completes the Rhytidectomy or facelift procedure.

It would not do to hear of tall tales from individuals who possess no training or skills. Instead, be sure to ask the surgeon and clear all your doubts well before going inside the surgery room.

The first thing that is certain to strike you is suitability. Do not hesitate to inquire whether you should resort to a surgical facelift. You would be gratified to learn that you are a good candidate when you meet the following criteria:-

  • You enjoy good general health
  • You are a nonsmoker and do not consume too much alcohol
  • Your face shows signs of aging, especially in the middle and lower part of the fact
  • You can take up to 15 days off from work following the surgery
  • You can restrict your work substantially until the recovery is complete
  • You are eager to obtain long-lasting results

Remember that a surgical facelift is not the same for all patients. The surgeon will examine you carefully and ask about your objectives before deciding on the right type of rhytidectomy

Common Facelift Techniques

  • Traditional– The surgeon will cut out the excess fat and tighten the sagging skin from the entire face with particular emphasis on the mid and lower part as well as the neck.
  • Mid Face– Only the area below your cheeks will be targeted to eliminate signs of aging
  • Lower Face– The lowermost part of the face i.e. the jawline will be treated surgically along with the skin of the neck
  • Mini Facelift– This is a minimally invasive procedure with only the problem areas treated. You can opt for this procedure when you are relatively young. Patients between 35 and 40 often find the mini facelift effective.


It is best to discuss the pros and cons of a face lift with your surgeon before signing the forms. Remember that there is no magic involved and you have to give your body the time to racier from the injury. You may be able to see some signs of improvement after 15-20 days. However, the mirror will become your friend only after a month goes by.

It is also advisable to ask your friends about Washington DC face lift and its implications.

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