KYC on Investors: Know Your Investor Importance in Modern World

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The banking and financial sector are rapidly changing as a result of globalization. However, as banking gets more accessible, security vulnerabilities grow more likely.

Cybercrime is expect to cost the global economy 6 trillion US dollars by 2021 and 10.5 trillion US dollars by 2025, according to analysts. To combat these rising numbers, science and technology leaders try to develop new ways to authenticate data and prevent personal and business data, allowing banking to become more smooth while avoiding the risks that come with it.

KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a vital aspect of the security process. KYC is important for banks since it helps to protect them against money laundering and other illicit activity. It also enables banks to gain a better understanding of their investors and their banking transactions in order to provide a more efficient and secure service. KYC for investors is refer to as KYI (Know Your Investor). Investor Verification Service is use for investor verification.

What are KYC methods for investor verification in the financial sector, and how do they affect the financial institutions? Let’s take a closer look at the KYC procedures and specifications:

What Is KYC (Know Your Client)?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a universal standard in banks, investments, and the financial sector that helps firms and institutions protect their client’s or investors’ personal information from hostile assaults. This procedure enables bank organizations and financial authorities to access, validate, and track data while following a stringent set of regulations that protect data privacy, investing expertise, financial holdings, and other sensitive information. 

“What is the prime objective of KYC in banks and what difference can it make?” most people will ask this question. Assurance and protection are at the heart of KYC.

Why is KYC for Investors Necessary?

For a firm, before engaging in a financial relationship with an individual, the KYI requirements may appear to be an obstacle that just adds to the confusion. However, keep in mind that those extra processes serve a number of important reasons. There are a few reasons why KYI is require to verify an investor’s status. 

Validate Investor identity: Validating an investor’s identity is critical since it ensures that the user is who they claim they are. This step is require to prevent identity fraud and other illicit activity that may put clients or the company at risk.

Learn about the Investors’ needs: KYC can be used in securities to determine an investor’s risk tolerance, investment objectives, and needs so that well-informed recommendations for investment products that can help them increase their economic portfolios can be made.

Consider the nature of investors’ activities: In several use-case situations, KYC systems additionally monitor financial transactions to gain a better understanding of an investor’s activities and to determine whether or not a person or company’s financing sources are legal.

Evaluate money laundering threats: One of the most essential uses of KYC is to safeguard financial institutions from money laundering and to detect any potential illicit behavior that could point to devalued companies, suspect money sources, or perhaps even illicit trading.

Examining the Know-Your-Investor (KYI) Process

So, how does the KYC procedure work? For example, a person applies for a job and claims to hold a master’s degree. Anyone can write a master’s degree on their resume. The HR department will next verify the institution and make contact with the faculty, and validate the diploma. The same is with the KYC process for investor verification services, KYI is use to verify potential investors quickly and efficiently. The KYC process for investor verification is divided into these steps: 

Gather information

The procedure begins when an investor’s information is collect by a KYC registration agency (KRA). The KRA will require basic data such as their full name, birthday, residence, job status, yearly income, total wealth, investment goals, and identity numbers, among other things. A KRA may also require additional information in specific high-risk circumstances.

Data storage that complies with data privacy regulations

All data submit to the KRA is held on data privacy-compliant servers or networks, which banking institutions will employ to verify information, control, and measure banking activities, and so forth. While data breaches are unavoidable, these network infrastructures make it incredibly hard for anyone to gain access to a customer’s information, ensuring that it is kept safe.

Validation of information

The data will subsequently be authenticate by KRAs reflecting it off of recorded details on official papers, looking for the investor in PEP list appearances, or in blacklist databases. KRAs will demand company records such as official paperwork, tax records, and so on if a corporation or other business is applying for an accredited investor.

Authentication of data

The software can automatically confirm one’s authenticity utilizing Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, software with minimal to no manual steps. These technologies are incredibly accurate, and they can even eliminate human flaws like red tape, human mistakes, and bribery clearances.


This accredited investor verification service is crucial for businesses and individuals and helps innovators find new methods to expedite the system and make it swift for businesses and their investors to verify and monitor data and behavior. An investor accreditation program for businesses can save a lot of time and money by using technology that automates tedious operations. Meanwhile, a verified accredited investor will also get more priority and will be open to more opportunities offered by the financial organization. 

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