How do I know if my gas Fireplace is leaking?

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How do I know if my gas Fireplace is leaking?

We all love to work in our kitchens and we all have loved cooking. Rather who does not like to eat good food? Furthermore, the purpose of cooking your gas fireplace does play a very good and key role. burnessa burnersHowever, the gas fireplace, being the most essential thing, if not dealt with caution can often result in collateral damages. I was going through the cases of calamities that the leakage in fireplaces has caused. I was astonished by the mortality and injury rates which were occurred due to the smallest of the negligence of people which we may still are doing right now.

Right after that, I thought, it would be better to check for the indications of leakage on a gas fireplace and tell our users here about it. Hence, I went across this article where it has been told why does a gas stove smell like lighter fluid along with key indications of signs of a fireplace leakage. This article, I think, should be discussed here along with some important factors.

What you shouldn’t do

Becoming hero

One thing that was discussed thereon, was that you should not try to be an over smart person and probe into any place for checking the gas leakage.


If you are of the firm view that your fireplace is really leaking then you should not attempt to cut off the gas or electricity in order to stop gas leakage as it will only make the matters worse. Or it may cause a spark or damage pipes/equipment.


Still here again, if you really have considered that your gas fireplace is leaking, you still shouldn’t try to check it by lighting a match or electric lighter. Not only this you should also try to avoid starting your automobile. Think it this way, if your fireplace is leaking and has been disseminating all over the place and if you light anything your home will catch fire and the worst could happen.

What you should do


So, done with what you shouldn’t do, it’s time to tell you what you should do, if you feel a hissing sound or smell any kind of leakage, you should try to evacuate your home immediately along with your family members (and yes your pets too).

Local Authorities

Call local authority immediately and tell us what you are observing, they will show up immediately, and if not, eventually. Calling local authorities has its own perks and privileges and saves you from any kind of worse scenario.

Signs for Gas Leakage

There are some other signs that you must keep in mind:

  • Stinky smells
  • Dead Plants
  • Hissing Sound
  • Small Bubbles from the gas pipe
  • Carbon Monoxide related symptoms etc


So this is what I think you should know for the safety of your friends and family and if you think it is valuable for you then kindly share this information with others. Who knows, it may save someones’s life.


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