Is Renting out Property a Good Idea to Make Money?

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Are you in a dilemma deciding if you should sell or rent out the property? Your decision is likely to influence your financial life. Concentrate on multiple things when you sell or rent out your property.

You cannot compare your choices with others. Maybe, you have a different situation. If you want to become a landlord, seek the guidance of experts. They can advise you on that issue.

But if you are struggling with your unemployed status and need some financial assistance, look out for instant loans for the unemployed with no guarantor. It is a better way out than renting out or selling the property.

You can use your property to earn recurring income monthly. But it also depends on the type of renter you get. If the renter is not honest, obtaining the rent amount would be tough.

It will disturb you mentally if you have to struggle every month to fetch the monthly rent. You can take a tour of this article to point out intricate details related to renting out a property.

Your experience as a landlord can be challenging as well as rewarding, depending on many aspects. Find it out here.

Your responsibilities being a landlord

Once you become a landlord, you have to follow a set of responsibilities that are:

  • You have to make sure the property you want to rent is not a source of health hazards for your renter
  • Install all the gas and electrical equipment beforehand. Take care of their maintenance also
  • Your property should have Energy Performance Certificate
  • You have to invest the deposit of the tenant in a government-approved program
  • You make confirmation about the tenant rights of your renter. Find out where it is applicable
  • Hand over a document checklist to your tenant when you give them the house keys

Calculate the amount of rent you expect to get

Do the market evaluation of your property. You can understand what price you can quote for the monthly rent. Besides, don’t forget to compare your neighbourhood properties and their values.

Find out about the target demographic. Also, check that it will be the best fit for your rented property. Set the price according to all these factors. For details information, you can refer to

The pricing will also vary depending on renting out a furnished, unfurnished, or semi-furnished home. If you rent out a family, you can expect a long list of belongings to accompany them.

Renting out is a suitable choice based on your situation

It is true that renting out may or may not suit you. It can be a good decision that may align with your current situation and requirements. Different perspectives that support renting out are:

  • Cannot sell the property for some reasons
  • Working at a different place. You cannot take care of the property from far
  • Relocate and don’t wait till it gets sold
  • You need to establish some source of income immediately
  • You have become an accidental landlord. It was not a well sought after decision

There is a bitter truth regarding renting out a property. You cannot avoid it. You may not get the property back in old condition. Tenants might damage your property.

Besides, you may not receive regular rent from the renter. The outstanding amount keeps increasing with you worrying about getting the rent money every month. So, you cannot predict the kind of experience you will have as a landlord.

Advantages of renting out a property

  • You can hire a letting agent to find a renter for your property
  • You will remain the owner of the property
  • You can generate additional income by using your property
  • You will have someone to take care of your property if you live away from it
  • You can invest the rent money in multiple ways depending on the amount you receive

Disadvantages of renting out a property

  • You have to meet all the legal requirements to become a landlord
  • You have to ensure that the electrical equipment is in working condition
  • You have to spend extra money to repair and renovate the property before renting it out
  • You have to bear the additional repair cost if your landlord insurance does not cover the damages caused by your tenants
  • A new law or regulation comes into existence now and then. Sticking to them might be difficult for you many times
  • Renting out a property can be costly if the maintenance expenses exceed the amount you receive as rent. In these scenarios, you shell out extra money than what you get as rent
  • Taxes would be heavy on you when you maintain a second home. It is higher than what you can earn by investing in other ways

Tally renting out and selling a property

Before you head over to decide between renting out, confirm how it is different from selling the property in the following ways:

  • Explore both rental and selling market
  • Compare the value of your property in case of renting out and selling
  • Calculate the future valuation of your property
  • Figure out the exact amount of profit you can make by renting out by excluding the maintenance costs
  • Make sure if you are ready to move out to a new place before you rent out the existing property
  • Check if you have the budget to cover all the expenses of the new property
  • Compare the return you obtain by renting out the property with other investment plans
  • Confirm if you need to register yourself before becoming a landlord
  • Understand your objectives. It means what you want from the property

The bottom line

Renting out can be an exhausting experience for a first-time landlord like you. Be aware of the implications of renting out before you take the plunge.

You can get a loan on benefits today if you face a financial crisis and drop the idea of renting. Analyse your options cautiously before making any ultimate decision.

Realise your expectations and restrictions before you get into this journey of becoming a landlord.

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