Playground Safety

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You can prevent injuries from happening to your child while at the playground.

Health Canada estimates more than 28, 000 Canadian children each year are treated at hospitals for playground related injuries. Heading outdoors to play?  Remember these important tips:

Apply sunscreen and insect repellent to your children before they leave the house.

Remove any loose clothing, such as drawstrings, scarves, and bike helmets.

Remind children how to play safe.

Don’t be surprised.

Active supervision helps reduce childhood injuries while at the playground.

Adults and parents should ensure children are using age appropriate equipment.

Teach basic rules of play, e.g. taking turns, staying away from moving swings and bottom of slides.

Stay within reach of the child/children by watching them, waiting close to them to catch any potential falls and warning them of any moving objects they may not see in time.

Backyard play equipment safety tips:

Equipment is secured to the ground.

The play structure is stable.  It doesn’t wobble when being used and all bolts are tight and in place.

Children know to keep out of the way of moving swings and bottom of slides.

Children know how to take turns when playing on slides and swings.

There is no broken glass, metal, missing pieces, or rope tied to any of the equipment.

What could you find at your local playground?

What could you expect young children to do when they get to t 꽁머니 he 꽁머니?  A lot of running, jumping and climbing, but not all playground equipment was made equal.   Not all of these types of equipment are suitable for children of all ages.

  • Slides
  • Monkey Bars
  • Swings
  • Play Structures
  • Rings
  • Ropes
  • Poles
  • See-saws
  • Merry-go-rounds
  • Sand Boxes
  • Rocking Horses
Pre-school Age Children (1.5 – 4 yrs)

I might not be able to reach some of the play equipment.  If I can’t, it is not safe for me to use. Please don’t lift me on to this equipment to let me play.  I don’t understand how dangerous it is and I might fall off.  My feet might not reach ground the while on a teeter totter, ropes or a swing so I shouldn’t use these things.  If a play structure is over 5 feet high that is too high for me to play on because it increases my risk for injury too much!


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