Teal Swan – Healing Pain with Compassion and Love

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People suffer, and often the wounds and pain of the past refuse to go away. When it comes to traumas, you will find that it is hard to forget. Forgiveness becomes impossible if someone you trusted or even loved in the past has hurt you. Again, the loss of a loved one triggers wounds, leading to a host of negative emotions and thought patterns. In some extreme cases, men and women commit suicide, and the number of people ending their lives is alarming!

  • Teal Swanis on a mission to heal people 

Teal Swan is one of the most loved and influential spiritual leaders today. She is multi-talented and gifted with extrasensory abilities that she uses to heal and guide people towards positive transformation. She is a public speaker and best-selling author of six books that she uses to document her guidance, healing, and practices to help people heal from within and experience the joys and the bliss of life again.

She travels a lot to connect with her followers to attend workshops and seminars. She deploys the use of technology and is a social media star. She has her channel on YouTube called Ask Teal. Here she interacts with her followers online and helps them with their questions regarding self-help, love, and healing. She has the sole goal of spreading positive transformation across the world, and this is why she is well loved and widely respected by everyone.

  • The Completion Process and how does it add value to people’s lives?

“The Completion Process: The Practice of Putting Yourself Back Together Again” is one of her best-selling books. Published in 2016, this book speaks about her own healing experience after suffering severe abuse by a cult for 13 years as a child. She attracted their attention because she was gifted with extrasensory abilities. It documents her healing journey towards liberation and healing. If someone has been broken by trauma, this book will help him or her get the pieces together and emerge as a stronger person.

  • Healing the broken pieces in life!

People are scared of the future, and this makes them give up. According to her, everyone has been broken somehow or the other. This comprehensive guide uses her gifts to incorporate primary aspects of shadow work and inner child healing processes with 20 steps. One of the most important is creating a mental haven where one is comfortable visiting with a painful memory.

According to Teal Swan, the Completion Process is not just a healing process, but it is also an illuminating process of knowledge! Once the painful emotion is accepted, it is given validation, and one goes back to the first time they felt it. This connection is deep and gradually in mind; it shifts in the direction of mental relief, where the processes of purification and healing take over to start a new life. It is important to heal from inside if you want to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

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