Vaping: Simple Tips to Vape Properly

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Congratulations on joining the ever-growing Vaping bandwagon!

If you have a history of cigarette smoking, turning to Vaping is one of the wisest health decisions you’ll ever make. Vaping is considered safer than smoking primarily because Vaping doesn’t involve combustion or smoke production. Therefore, you’ll no longer be exposed to the toxins in cigarette smoke.

But even if you have no smoking history, Vaping still offers an excellent way to consume herbal extracts. That might explain why celebrities like Katy Perry and Leonardo DiCaprio don’t mind publicly using their e-cigarettes on red carpet events.

However, as a new Vaper, you’ll soon realize that there are several challenges to navigate before becoming adept at Vaping. One such challenge is learning to Vape the right way.

Fortunately for you, we’ve prepared a definitive beginner’s guide to Vaping, focusing on simple yet effective Vaping techniques.

First Things First – Determine What You Need To Get Started

Vaping requires two main items – a Vaporizer and the herbal extracts to inhale.

A Vaporizer, also called an electronic cigarette or Vape device, is a device that heats your herbal extracts to produce the Vapor that you inhale.

  • It comprises the following four components;
  • Vape tank that holds your herbal extracts
  • Battery that powers the device
  • Coil that conducts the heat produced by the batteries to the Vape tank

Mouthpiece or drip tip, which is the pointed uppermost component that you suck into to get Vapor from an e-cig to your mouth

There are equally numerous options to experiment with when it comes to herbal extracts.

First, herbal extracts come in three main formulations. They include dry herbs, concentrates, and Vape oils (also known as Vape juices, e-juices, or e-liquids).

Vape oils are the most common forms of Vapable herbal blends. These products comprise four essential elements: vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavorings.

However, not all Vape juices are nicotine-based. Others contain healthy nicotine replacement compounds, such as cannabidiol (CBD).

Cannabidiol is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid in hemp, marketed for its many therapeutic benefits. CBD Vape oil is particularly encouraged for its ability to relieve pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

Cbd Oil, Cannabidiol, Cannabinoid

Choose a Suitable Vaporizer

Choosing a suitable Vape device depends on your experience level and the specific herbal blends you intend to use the device with.

If new to Vaping, consider cigalikes and THC pens.

Cigalikes are the simplest, most affordable, and most accessible to use Vaporizers. That makes them incredibly beginner-friendly.

Vape pens have more advanced features than cigalikes. But they’re also reasonably beginner-friendly.

Avoid Vape mods until you’ve become adept at Vaping. These Vaporizers are strictly recommended for seasoned Vapers.

In terms of Vapable herbal blends, you can choose one of the following Vaporizers;

  • Dry herb Vaporizers if planning to Vape dry herbs
  • Wax pens if planning to Vape wax concentrates
  • Cartridge-based Vape pens if planning to Vape e-juices
  • Select the Right E-Juice Too

As already indicated, Vape oils generally contain four essential compounds. Here are a few things to note for each e-juice ingredient so that you can adjust accordingly;

Vegetable glycerin

It is highly efficient at Vapor production but can gunk up your Vaporizer’s internal components, causing the device to work extra hard.

Propylene glycol

Is efficient at carrying your e-juice flavors but is associated with a harsh throat hit.


Nicotine is highly addictive. So, the conventional wisdom is to keep the nicotine levels down. If possible, consider nicotine-free Vape oils.


This is a no-brainer; choose Vape juices formulated with your favorite flavors.

Inhale the Right Way

Two primary Vaping inhalation methods are Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Direct-to-Lung (DTL). Mouth-to-lung Vaping is where you draw Vapor from a Vaporizer, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds, and then swallow it. The MTL technique is recommended for new Vapers due to its lower risks of throat irritation.

In direct-to-lung, you inhale Vapor directly into your lungs without holding it in the mouth first. DTL requires powerful Vaporizers and more advanced Vaping techniques like sub-ohming. That makes it suitable for pro Vapers.

Play Around With Your Vaporizer Settings

Cigalikes and many disposable Vaporizers come with minimal settings. Some of these devices even lack a substantive power button. You turn them on by drawing from the drip tip.

But if using more advanced Vaporizers designed with several setting options, it’s important to play around with these settings to achieve your ideal Vaping experience.

For instance, you’ll need to Vape at a temperature higher than 392 degrees if consuming cannabis-based extracts. That’s because most cannabinoids Vaporize at temperatures above 392 degrees.

Similarly, you can increase airflow to ramp up Vapor production or decrease the airflow to experience fuller flavors.

Change Flavors Often

Vaping one specific flavor for an extended period will result in flavor fatigue, known in the Vaping community as Vaper’s tongue.

Vaper’s tongue is marked by a temporary loss of the ability to pick up flavors in e-juice. The phenomenon can affect your Vaping experience adversely.

So, consider changing your flavors often. Other ways to overcome Vaper’s tongue include staying hydrated, quitting smoking, Vaping a little less, and switching to more robust flavors.


No seasoned Vaper ever became a pro overnight. It takes constant learning and practicing the above-listed simple yet effective tips.

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