How to Delete an Email Account on an iPhone

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There are too many email addresses and folders In iPhone Mail? Find out how to erase the email account on iPhone Mail (Gmail,, IMAP, Yahoo, iCloud Mail, etc. ).

First The Floor Opens

The floor fades under your eyes when you can get a great glimpse of the solid tracks in the air.

When you are on these tracks you’ll be able to roll up and down as well as in a sideways direction… perhaps slightly upside down, too.

From 1999 when it was first introduced, the removal of floors off the rollercoaster carriages given an exciting experience. Today you can delete the email address from your iPhone to get a great picture of… mid-air.
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How do I delete an email account to iPhone Mail

Time required Time needed: 3 minutes.

To delete an email account out of the Apple Mail application:

  • Start your Settings application.
  • Start in the category Mail. section.
  • Choose accounts.
  • Tap the account you wish to remove from your iPhone.
  • Hit to delete your account at the at the bottom.

ICloud Mail You are not able to erase the iCloud account on your iPhone (other than removing yourself completely) You can, however, disable the email feature however, as described the following. Disabling instead of doing a deletion the account: You may also disabling other mail accounts naturally–and maintain synchronization for Calendar or Contacts as an example. See below for.

  • Click Remove Account once more to confirm deletion of your account.

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How to Delete an Email Account on iPhone Mail

To block the email on any account, including IMAP, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and ICloud …–set to be set up in your iPhone without affecting other functions associated with your account:

  • Start in the Setting app.
  • Go to the Mail.
  • Accounts that are open accounts.
  • Tap the account you wish to delete to be removed from iPhone Mail.
  • To open an account with a Gmail exchange, Yahoo Mail account:
    – Turn off mail.
  • To create IMAP accounts: IMAP account:
    – Delete your account.

For an iCloud Mail account:
Click on iCloud.
– Now , disable iCloud Mail.

How to remove an email account from iPhone Mail Answers to FAQ

Can deleting the account erase all the emails from it?

If you delete or disable the email account on iPhone Mail, copies of the emails stored by the device will be erased.

Emails stored on the server are unaffected, naturally.

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