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You can send a contact your current location.

Not only can you use WhatsApp to send photographs and videos to contacts, but you can also exchange documents and contacts via the app, and you can even broadcast your current location. If you choose to enable Share Live Location, your contact will be able to view your Live Location for the amount of time that you specify, at which point they will be able to track you. This comes in very helpful if you’re planning to meet a friend somewhere. There are three different time options available: 15 minutes, one hour, and eight hours.

Chat > Specific chat > Chat on iOS To select a time window, tap the “+” button that is located to the left of the message box, then navigate to Location > Share Live Location.

Conversations > Specific conversations > Android To select a time window, tap the paperclip icon that is located to the right of the message box, then navigate to Location > Share Live Location.

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By going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Live Location, you will be able to view a list of the people with whom you have shared your live location.

Search all of your conversations.

It’s possible that someone provided you their address, or that you recall having a conversation about a particular show or movie, but you don’t want to have to go through all of your messages in order to try to find what you’re looking for. When using iOS, you can access the search bar by pulling down from the top of any of your chats. There is a search icon available on Android devices.

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You are able to type anything into the search field, from the beginning of a town name if you are looking for an address to a specific phrase, and then all of the chats that contain that term will appear below as unique messages. You can use this feature to find addresses or specific words. If you hit the Search bar, you will also see a list of alternatives, ranging from Photos to Audio, which will help you to narrow your search results.

When you click on a particular result, you will be sent to that particular part of the chat conversation that you have already had.

Search for a certain conversation.

It is also feasible for you to search only a certain chat as opposed to searching all of your chats at the same time. Perhaps the two of you discussed a certain location for a meeting, or perhaps they provided you with an alternate contact number or their address, for example.

Chats > Specific conversation > on the iOS device Simply select the “contact info” option up top > Tap the Search button, then start typing in the search box that shows up at the very top of the particular chat you’re in.

Conversations > Specific conversation > Android Launch the search function by selecting the appropriate menu item from the drop-down list that displays to the right of the top-right menu.

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