My bunny doesn’t let me pick him up. What should I do?

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Rabbits are animals that are preyed upon by other animals.  Because of this, they do not feel safe when held.

Therefore, it might be better if you manage your expectations of keeping pet rabbits.  It is best if you do not expect pet rabbits to be ideal lappets.  Even though some rabbits will not mind being held, most will not be comfortable sitting on laps or being held.  Additionally, if you insist on attempting to catch your pet to hold it, it might eventually distrust you.  Your rabbit will associate stressful situations with you because you expose him to situations it does not like.

Foster a better relationship with you by laying down to its level and letting it approach you when it becomes comfortable enough.  After building trust, you will notice that your pet will seek you out actively for affection.

What to do if your rabbit just sits and does nothing.

First, make sure that your pet is not sick.  If your pet refuses to drink or eat, or maybe it is not peeing or pooping, then these problems could be serious.  You have to take your pet to a veterinarian specializing in rabbits right away.  If your rabbit appears bored and depressed, then maybe you are not offering your pet proper enrichment.

If you have concerns about your pet’s health and/or behavior, make an appointment with your vets Cypress, TX.

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