Top 4 Enterprise SEO Reporting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts. While Bo Bennett’s quote stands true in most situations, it is apt, especially for an enterprise SEO strategy. Enterprise SEO focuses on SEO strategies that help improve the organic reach and lead generation for large organizations or enterprises. Given the competition and larger market of enterprises, enterprise SEO reporting needs to be accurate, well-designed, and consistent. 

Enterprise SEO processes need constant monitoring and timely actions to provide stellar results continually. However, several digital agencies fail to focus on this aspect. So enterprises need to choose the best Indian SEO company to optimize and enhance their ranking. Can enterprises be sure they are getting accurate, well-designed, and consistent reports? In this blog, we will provide the four common SEO reporting mistakes. Mistakes that you can avoid to truly stand out and make an impact with your online presence:

Not Focusing Their Processes on the Objectives

A good strategy is always focused on the key goals or objectives of the organization. Marketing teams can have a specific purpose. The ideal approach is to showcase how it fits with the overall brand objectives. 

Thus, enterprise SEO reports need to demonstrate how SEO efforts create value. When crafting your reports, ensure you focus on the KPI and purpose and associate all your processes and actions with showing how they impacted this goal. 

Missing the Customer Journey

Customer journey is essential to any enterprise SEO report. It helps highlight how the website performs in every stage of the customer journey, i.e., from awareness, interest, and evaluation to the decision. 

As each stage impacts a different department when it comes to an enterprise, SEO reports should work with the right brand, product, sales, and marketing managers to understand the goals and expected outcomes from each stage. This will help the SEO reporting to be in a way that matches the known customer journey and build keywords, topics, and conversion paths that match each stage. 

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Reports That Only Have Data and No Insights

Many SEO reports and agencies tend to include a lot of data and information in their reports, often leading to the business leaders or those unfamiliar with SEO terminologies getting confused. Thus, the report must be tailored and customized as per the company’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and provide specific but important information. 

So invest time in tailoring the SEO report by brand goals and depending on the audience. For example, a C-level leader will only need high-level data, while a marketing head will request granular details on the SEO processes. It is a good practice to leverage tools to get dashboards and reports that are auto-generated as per requirement and enables the report to be a tool for communication rather than becoming a burden to your team. 

Lacking a Connection to the Enterprises’ Broader Strategy

Large organizations often have a big marketing team, consisting of departments for particular aspects of marketing like content, design, PR, SEO, and other aspects. At the same time, larger teams ensure that the work gets distributed evenly and to the right stakeholders. It may also pose a problem when each team begins to focus on its metrics and objectives. Often, SEO metrics get ignored or lost due to the focus on other aspects of digital marketing, and enterprise SEO reports are a great way to bring out these aspects. 

The best Indian SEO company will provide the metrics and the processes created to showcase exactly how they fit in with the efforts taken by other teams. For example, show your report can focus on how the content, web pages, and the website’s technical aspects will impact the website’s overall ranking and mention precisely why they are important. Your reports should let the other teams know how they play an essential role in your objective as content creators, developers, designers, or marketers.


Enterprise SEO is not just about how well SEO best practices are implemented but also includes an important part. These parts include factors like how well it is reported, analyzed, tracked, and measured so that the enterprise can take timely actions to help improve and retain the company’s high ranking. 

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