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Pakistan is home to a large number of tourist attractions and an extensive culture for those who appreciate beauty and the beauty of traveling. When you look at these stunning spots, Pakistan has famous mosques that are a popular tourist place for visitors and locals. One of them is the famous Faisal mosque located in Islamabad. It is the second largest worldwide mosque. the location was selected by the former president of Pakistan General Ayub Khan. The reason for selecting this location is to create a current city of Islamabad distinctive from other cities. It is located to the northern end of Islamabad’s principal entrance Shahrah-e-Islamabad set against the backdrop and at the base of the stunning Margalla hill in Northern Pakistan. The mosque is an important focal point in the capital, especially for tourists who want to take in the complete view of the city. It also helps guarantee visibility throughout the day and night.

The Faisal Mosque was designed as an National Mosque of Pakistan. It was built by the late the late King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz II of Saudi Arabia supported and financed the mosque’s construction and, as a result, it was named in honor of the late King. It is believed that the Faisal Mosque is the creation by Turkish engineer Vedat Dalokay who was awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture for this work. The architecture of the mosque is modern and distinctive, as well as different from the conventional archways and domes found in many other well-known mosques across the globe. The unique design of the mosque eludes the long-running tradition of South Asian Islamic architecture, mixing modern designs with the traditional style in the traditional Arab Bedouin’s tent. The mosque is notable for its huge triangular prayer hall as well as four minarets.

The mosque was also part of also the Mangla Dam Project which was initially developed in the 1950s as an all-purpose project that was to be built at Mangla on the river Jhelum situated about 30 km downstream of Jhelum city. The initial analysis and study of suitability were completed in the year 1958. The project later was added to the Indus Basin Project. Mangla Dam was constructed Mangla Dam was started in 1962, and was completed in.

It is believed that the Mangla dam was developed to maximize the quantity of water used for irrigation from flowing River Jhelum & its branches. Its second function was to generate electrical energy from the irrigation discharges that flow into the artificial reservoir head. Mangla dam Pakistan history has a lot of significance for Pakistani citizens as it has helped to save a variety of benefits. There’s also Mangla View Resort, which is Mangla View Resort that is the first planned resort in Pakistan with townhouses, villas and residences and hotels, as well as serviced apartments and retail shops. The resort is situated on a site of 340 acres in the Mangla Dam area.For more details and climate inquiry please visit us.

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