WDR-120-24 Is So Famous, But Why?

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You’ve come to the right place if you are interested in the Mean Well WDR-120-24 DIN Rail Power Supply. This article will provide you with information on the Mean Well WDR-120-24, datasheets, and manufacturer documentation. This power supply is an easy and cost-effective option for small to medium-sized businesses. It’s an ideal solution for projects that require a DIN rail power supply, and it has the versatility to meet any application.

Mean Well SDR-120 series DIN Rail Power Supply

The Mean Well SDR-120 series DIN rail power supplies are 120W single output products with universal input and fanless design. These products have been approved for use in UL 508 and EN61000-6-2 industrial immunity levels. They are available in various configurations, including 12V, 24V, 48V, and 120V. They come with an inline fuse and a DC OK relay contact.

Mean Well WDR-120-24

The Mean Well WDR-120-24 is a single output, 24V, industrial DIN rail power supply with PFC and 120W output. The technical specifications of the WDR-120-24 include the parameters, symbol, and PCB footprint. These power supplies are available in 3D STEP models for EAGLE and KiCad. These power supplies are ideal for industrial automation, building automation controls, and household appliances.

The Mean Well WDR-120-24 AC-DC power supply converts alternating currents safely into direct currents. Its 24 V output voltage provides a maximum power of 120 W. The unit has a single output and a temperature range of -25 to 70 degC. Its safety features make it an ideal choice for industrial applications. To learn more about the WDR-120-24, visit Sager Power Systems.

Mean Well WDR-120-24 Datasheets

Are you looking for Mean Well WDR-120-24 datasheet downloads? These data sheets provide information on this industrial power supply’s technical specifications and parameters. This unit features a single output, 24 V, PFC, and 120 Watt output power. These datasheets include schematics in KiCad and EAGLE.

Mean Well WDR-120-24 Manufacturer Documentation

If you are looking for  AC-DC power supply that fits on a DIN rail, you will choose the Mean Well WDR-120-24. These power supplies are a perfect solution for many applications, from public utilities to household appliances. DIN rail slim design provide plenty of space and safety feature which is overvoltage and overcurrent protection. This makes them ideal for many applications, including building automation controls and factory automation.

NDR-120 is an Economic Slim 120W DIN Rail Power Supply

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a 120W slim DIN rail power supply. Here you will find more information on this MEAN WELL WDR-120-24 power supply and the related Datasheets and Manufacturer documentation. You purchase the unit and begin building your project. We are the USA’s leading stocking distributor and offer award-winning customer service. To learn more, browse our website or contact us.

The Mean Well NDR-120 is an economical, slim, single-output power supply unit design for DIN rail mounting. Mean Well NDR-120 is ideal for various industrial applications, including factory automation and electro-mechanical apparatus. It is capable of operating at ambient temperatures between – 20 and +70degC. NDR-120 has a complete set of protection functions and carries relevant industrial control apparatus certificates.


This compact, durable, and reliable NDR-120 series is design to install on TS-35 mounting rails for easy installation and a low profile. The slim design makes it space-saving inside cabinets. Its full-range AC input ensures high power efficiency, and it conforms to EN61000-3. It has metal housing. The NDR-120 operate at a wide range of ambient temperatures, ranging from -20degC to 70degC.

The NDR-120 is design for a variety of industrial and office applications. It is compact and 244x68x39mm, and can support a wide range of voltages. It operate at a low input voltage. Its 24-VDC output allows for various power needs, and its built-in parallel function ensures efficient operation. Listed below are the features of this economic slim 120W DIN rail power supply:


Its compact size and versatility make it a highly affordable option for any professional or home user. Its dual output capability helps it meet Australian Electrical Safety and EMC regulations. It also features a 0-10V dimming control. It use in advertising light boxes and outdoor lighting projects. NDR-120 use in three or four-phase systems. For best results, choose the NDR-120, which is fully compliant.

NDR-120 is a Power Supply Solution for Industrial Applications

Mean Well offers a wide range of industrial power supplies, including the WDR-120-24 DIN-Rail power supply, which provides up to 24V of output voltage. These power supplies come with a built-in handle, allowing convenient mounting on a TH 35 rail. They design for industrial applications, DIN Rail power supplies are known for their operational reliability. These power supplies are ideal for constant power applications, like manufacturing processes and automation.

The MEAN WELL’s WDR-120-24 DIN-Rail power supply is available in single output versions of 120 watts and features long life and high efficiency. The WDR-120-24 is ideal for industrial applications that require a reliable, rugged, and efficient AC/DC power supply. Its compact design makes it easy to install and is available in a wide range of voltages.

A Mean Well WDR-120-24 DIN Rail AC to DC power supply is design to convert alternating currents to direct currents safely. Its 24 V input voltage is sufficient for most industrial applications. Its 120 W maximum output power ensures high safety and compliance with EN61000-3. It can withstand up to 5 A of current, and it operates reliably at -20 degrees to 60°C in air convection.

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