What to Do For Your 25th Wedding Anniversary

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If you are wondering what to do for your 25th wedding anniversary, you may find the answers in the list of ideas below. They include ideas for decorations, activities, gifts, and many other things. This article will help you get started. You can also find a variety of other options. Here is some advice on finding the perfect gift. You can choose from the following list to help you decide which gift is most important for your partner.


It can be difficult to find the right gift for 25th anniversary gifts. Whether your couple enjoys entertaining, a set of tumblers or crystal wine glasses can be the perfect gift. You can also gift your couple a gourmet hamper of food or champagne. You don’t have to spend an inordinate amount of money on gifts for 25th anniversary.

If your partner is a sommelier, you can consider buying them a set of silver wine glasses or flutes. You can also purchase personalized drink flasks and engraved ice buckets. A silver bar set can be personalized with your personal message. These are only a few examples of gift options for 25th anniversary gifts. They will be appreciated by the couple for this unique gift.


If you and your spouse haven’t spent much time together since your wedding, it’s time to start celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary. It’s a special milestone, and the perfect time to reconnect in the bedroom or catch up on hobbies. Renting a location is a great way to commemorate your anniversary. You have many options to choose from and can tailor a 25th-anniversary celebration to suit your needs and budget.

You can also celebrate your anniversary with a picnic. Invite guests to bring a dish to pass to keep the food and drink flowing. You can even involve the children by having them perform skits based on the anniversary events. You can also make scrapbooks to commemorate the 25th anniversary. A cousin of mine created a scrapbook of her family’s anniversary cards, which she presented to her parents. The keepsake was a great hit with their parents.


When decorating for your 25th anniversary, there are some key points to keep in mind. Although you might be thinking about a theme, here are some other things to keep in mind. The invitations are an important aspect. If you’re throwing a formal wedding, then you’ll probably want to use formal invitations. You can opt for something more casual if your event is not formal. For example, you can choose a white invitation with a heart in the middle, a blank one, or even a heart instead of a heart. No matter what style of invitation you pick, be sure to personalize it for your partner.

As for food, you can make a tablescape around the anniversary cake. The wedding album can be used as decorations. Or, you can use a cardboard science fair project board and place your wedding pictures on it. You can also put some framed photos of your wedding around this collage, which can look stunning when placed on the table. Candle centerpieces and other wedding-related items will also enhance the theme. You don’t just need to display the cakes on the tables; the presentation is equally important.


When looking for gifts for your wife on your 25th wedding anniversary, remember that the practical wife will never be interested in a grand present, so skip the pricey champagne and chocolates. Buy her tickets for her favorite basketball team and courtside seats. The practical wife will also appreciate a silver-plated rose, which is a real flower dipped in pure silver. A gift of this type also ties in with the silver anniversary tradition.

Keepsakes are another great option for 25th wedding anniversary gifts. Create a photo book featuring the couple’s wedding day photos and all that has happened since, including special messages, from friends and family. Personalize the gift with a photo of the two of you. Make sure that the gift you choose reflects your affection and love. You can also consider purchasing personalized photo frames for your partner. It doesn’t matter what gift you choose, this will be an instant hit.


In honor of your 25th wedding anniversary, you should send out some sparkling invites. There are a variety of invitation wordings that you can choose from. If you want your guests to feel the love and celebration, go for the elegant style, and add a personal touch with a photo album or photo quilt. Shutterfly offers a variety of silver anniversary invitations. These are some examples of most popular invitation wordings.

A formal 25th wedding anniversary celebration calls for formal invitations. Either printed or engraved invites are available. For these, the names of the guests must be spelled out exactly without any abbreviations. Informal invitations can be fill-in-the-blank cards or handwritten notes. In either case, abbreviations can be used, although the latter option is not as formal as the former. There are some good etiquette guidelines to remember, regardless of what type of invitation you’re sending.


Games for 25th wedding anniversaries can be as fun as the celebration itself. A list of wedding anniversary symbols can be handy. A dry erase board and markers are also good to have. Have each guest choose a symbol to draw. They cannot include words or sentences, but only pictures. Guess the symbol correctly to win a prize! Then, give out small favors to each guest who gets the right answer! The more guests guess correctly, the more gifts they will receive.

To make the party more fun, you can organize trivia games. A DJ can play a short segment of a song to the guests, and they will then have to guess which song it is. For a more interactive game, divide the guests into teams, groups, or couples. These games can strengthen the bond between two individuals. A crossword puzzle with questions related to the couple’s life could be set up. The puzzle can be completed by guests, who can then receive a reward if they get it correct!


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