How to Preserve Canned Meat at Home

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Canning meat is a great technique to keep food fresh for a long time. You might be able to can meat at home with the correct tools and knowledge.

What Things You Need to Can Meat

Canned meat is low acidic low acid food? For proper preservation, pressure cans are required. You’ll need the following items to pressure can meat at your home:

  • Canner with high pressure
  • Jars for canning
  • New canning lids with screw tops

General Tips For Canning Meat

There are a few things to remember about storing and preparing safe-to-eat, high-quality meat before you start the canning process. Make certain you:

  • Ascertain that the meat and work surfaces are clean and sanitized.
  • Any meat you plan to can in a few days should be frozen.
  • After the meat has been slaughtered, chill it to keep it from spoiling.
  • Before canning, make sure the meat is of good quality.
  • Trim away any excess fat, damaged patches, or gristle before canning; too much fat might cause sealing issues.
  • Regularly inspect your dial gauges and pressure canners.
  • Allow your pressure canners to vent for at least 10 minutes.

Types of Meat For Canning 

Canning is effective for a variety of meats, including:‌‌‌‌

  • Large Animals: Including lamb, beef, venison, pork and game.
  • Small Animals: Including squirrels and rabbits.
  • Poultry: Including goose, duck, chicken, turkey, game and duck birds.

If you’re planning on canning game meat, soak it in salt and brine water to minimize the strong flavor.


Consider clipping off any excess fats, damaged patches, or gristle before preserving meat. Also, measure the amount of food you’ll need to figure out how many cans you’ll need. You can chop, grind, or strip cut the meat into cubes or chunks, depending on your inclination. 

Wash all jars and cans thoroughly. A pressure canner is required to process the cans. Ascertain that they are exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time. Food poisoning germs are killed by the high temperature. This makes the canned meat best food for survival.

Methods For Canning Meat:

  • Raw Pack:

Leave an inch of headroom between raw meat cans or jars. Add no liquid to your meat when packaging it raw. In a pressure canner, seal the lids and process the cans of cooked meat. 

  • Hot Pack: 

To use this approach, cook your meat until it’s medium done, which means there should be no pink tint when you cut it in the center. Meat can be pre-cooked by stewing, baking, or browning with modest amounts of fat. If desired, season with salt. Fill heated jars with loosely packed hot meat. Fill the jars with water, meat juice, or drippings. Allow an inch of headroom. Close the jars and process in a pressure canner to remove any visible air pockets. 

Using a Pressure Canner

Fill the canner with two to three inches of water and seal the jars. Adjust the heat canner to a high setting and tighten the lid. Allow 10 minutes for the steam to escape. Use a weighted gauge to pressurize the canner. Compare the time to the directions. 

These are simple tips to preserve canned food at home. Don’t buy canned meat if the seal of canned cooked meat is broken.

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