Locksmith Caloundra: Valuable Tips To Reduce Break-in Risks

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The fact is reducing globally economy has unfortunately led to increase in the number of crimes. Not only the roads, but also homes are getting unsafe. Thieves are targeting homes with less security. They have acquired the necessary skills required to break into homes effortlessly. Although, it is impossible to eliminate forced break-ins, you can very well enhance the security of your home manifolds.

Securing main entry points

Almost every home will have several entry points like windows and doors. They are considered to be the weakest points from where burglars are likely to enter. You may discuss with the top Locksmith Caloundra company to install superior quality, durable and strong screens at these points. Thus, it will secure these points and ensure the burglars will have a tough time to enter the place.

Inside and outside doors

All doors that you plan to install in your new home or during renovation, should be strong ones. Even the inside doors are to be strong as it will be easy for anyone to kick open weak doors. Select the best doors for installation like those made from metal or solid wood or having internal metal enforcement. Do install security gates both inside and outside the home.

Security for glass doors

The glass used for such doors should be break-resistant. The door handles and jams are to be constructed from strong materials to prevent forced entry. Special hinging system can help avoid doors getting lifted out from its original place, thus ensuring that burglars do not get access to the rooms.


You need to invest in good quality, branded locks that assure full safety of your place. They help create physical barrier while barring access to unauthorized people. Weak locks can be forced open and broken, thus increasing burglary risks. Discussing with the well-established Locksmith Noosa company will ensure you choose modern, complicated locks.

Replace old locks

It is quite obvious for your lock to get old with time and lose its efficiency due to cracks, getting worn out or problems arising with it. Whatever be it, do remember to carry out periodical checking to ensure it is in working condition. Replace the existing damaged lock with a new, strong one to maintain greater efficiency and enhanced security of your place.

Deadbolt locks and padlocks

They are both vital to prevent break-ins. Padlocks should of the best quality available in the market. Buy those constructed from case-hardened steel and are tamper proof. Keep closed the padlock at all times, even if it is not in use. This way, it helps prevent someone from switching or removing it to gain forced entry into the home.


If not closed properly, windows may offer burglars with easy access to different rooms in the home, even with burglar bars installed. Hence, doors and windows are to have secure locking systems with break-resistant glasses. Curtains should be always used if anyone can easily view the insides of your home through the windows. Make sure your valuables remain out of sight of outsiders.

Increase safety

Remember, your home, family members, pets and assets are valuable. Using weak locks, you cannot compromise on their safety. Hence, you should take help of the experienced locksmiths to enhance the security of your home in every possible manner.

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