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Over the last several years, the vast majority of Persian and Oriental rugs of “commercial” grade were made using dyed wool that is chemically treated. The high cost of making natural dyes has made the chemical dyes attractive. However master weavers as well as producers of superior high-end Persian carpets as well as Oriental area rug have concluded that using natural colors is an absolute “necessity” in order to be able to meet the standards for quality and performance in the production of their products. They have observed that colors that are vegetal simply change as time passes, while chemical dyes are similar in light, but they fade or dull due to long exposure to sun. A hand-knotted rug made by an expert weaver will usually be recognized by its color. The process of making natural dyes that result in the higher price of making them, is explained in the following.

Natural dyes, discovered by farmers and shepherds hundreds of years ago they are extracted from animal or plant substances and fall into one of two groups. The first is naturally colored, the other require to go through an intricate process to reveal the properties of their color. Weavers and producers of high-end area rugs continue to use natural dyes that are mixed either by themselves or closely with a reliable master dyer who is committed to their work. The components, dosages, and amounts used to create the variety of dyes are, naturally highly guarded secrets. It’s almost impossible to duplicate a hue. Since a new batch is required to continue the process of the weaving process, it is likely to not be the exact hue as prior batches. This causes variations in shades when hand knotted Oriental or Persian rug, which is known as abrash in the rug industry, and isn’t considered to be a defect.

Master dyers extract colors from the roots, bark stalks, and dried leaves made into a fine powder. For instance dried skin from an pomegranate which has a cream color, powdered in its form will result in an opaque yellow hue. The walnut hull that is powdered will shade in a variety of browns and blacks. The dried leaves of the vine will give various colors, ranging from grey to khaki and ground twigs from weld or sparrow grass will produce a vibrant golden yellow which is especially bright on silk. The roots of the plant madder give an extremely well-known color, a red or rusty (Rounas).

The raw material , in its powdered condition is then placed into the bath of cold water and then heated to disperse the coloring agents. Then, it is allowed to cool so that dissolving the dye. The hanks are then inserted in the liquid at a room temperature to avoid the risk of a thermal shock that could cause damage to the fibers. Then, they are gradually heated to a simmering point over an exact amount of time, based on the color desired. Based on the nature of the material as well as the desired color, various minerals are added to alter the pH of the bath. This allows the color to stick to silk or silk.

In contrast to natural colors dyes are easily available and do not require lengthy processing they are also more affordable to make. But, top producers insist on using them for their premium items since no alternative is yet discovered. With the resurgence of natural dyes being used in the creation of numerous Persian carpets as well as Oriental rug designs being made in the present and this future in the rug industry appears to be more exciting in comparison to just a few years ago. The most beautiful rugs that are being made today will be an heirloom piece of the future.

Hans is the proprietor the company Rug Firm, a direct importer of the finest hand-knotted Persian rug and Oriental Rugs situated at Southern California. Rug Firm is dedicated to giving its customers top quality rugs for a reasonable price which will enhance the beauty and value of their homes for years to come.

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