A guide to protect your skin from sun damage

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Sunlight brings extremely harsh effects to the skin yet it is also essential for many bodily functions including producing vitamin D. But the fact that scorching sun can cause sunburn which can irritate the skin, it contains UV rays that result in long-term and short-term damage such as ageing skin and cancer should not be ignored. You need to carefully protect your skin with the help of some products and by wearing appropriate accessories such as hats and glasses. This will also prevent you from getting tanned or dull skin. COSRX provides a broad range of products suitable for protection against sun rays by enhancing the good health of the skin. Every single moment of exposure to the sun gives long-term damage to the skin. Everyone needs to take some precautionary steps to protect their skin.

Some ways to protect your skin against the sun are

Apply sunscreen

Sunscreens are a widely used method to protect skin against sun rays. Try finding sunscreens with organic ingredients directed from safe methods and preferably should be water-resistant. The sunscreen you use should be SPF 30 or higher. It is supposed to be re-applied after 2-3 hours on your face, neck, and any other body part that is not covered by clothing.

Consider your clothing

Try to cover your skin with clothing if it is too sunny. Also, black clothes absorb more heat so keep that in mind. Try wearing light coloured clothes with full sleeves.

Don’t forget hats

A hat with a 2 to 3-inch brim can be used to protect the area of the forehead, ears, and scalp. Baseball hats are another option but they don’t cover the neck properly where skin cancer can occur. A hat will save you from the sun hitting your skin directly. Also Read: Eye Issues Associated With Aging

Sunglasses are important

The major function of UV glasses is that it protects the sensitive layer inside the eye. Large framed and fully wrapped around glasses protect eyes from sunlight that comes from different angles. It is necessary to check for UV glass used in sunglasses.

Avoid peak hours

UV rays from 10 am to 3 pm are the strongest so you should avoid going out between these hours. If you have to go out try staying under shade such as under a tree. While going out during peak hours make sure you are following all the major instructions to keep yourself protected.

To conclude

Despite sun rays’ hazards to skin cells sun is also an important ally for optimal physical and mental health. It strengthens our physical defense system against diseases. As it is known prevention is better than cure so aspects of adapting physical methods are thoughtful. With the help of new emerging skincare technologies, we can minimize the harm they cause. Moreover, Sensoo Skincare has many Korean skincare products available that protect the skin’s natural tone with no white cast and reduces ageing while restoring skin elasticity. Meanwhile by practicing routine skincare and avoiding going directly under the sun one can aim for a healthy level of sun exposure.
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