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Cobi toys or especially clamping blocks from Cobi we have looked at in connection with the Lego alternatives and also with the Lego tanks.

We want to introduce the Cobi “Lego” sets here a bit closer and go into more detail, for example with the Cobi WW2 Tiger tank. how to change frequency on remote control car particularly popular are the clamping blockships, which are also available from Cobi, and here not only the Titanic or the Bismarck.

COBI is a Polish toy company based in Warsaw, and in this capacity is the importer and distributor of a wide range of differently licensed toys such as dolls, plastic model kits, interactive toys, television games, creative sets for children, educational games, and sets.

Founded in 1987, the company began producing board games and puzzles. In 1992, COBI founded a production line for plastic building blocks in Warsaw. In the same year, the mold factory was opened under the name Cobert. The great demand for COBI components led to the dynamic development of production and the establishment of a new production facility in the Special Economic Zone in Mielec (Southern Poland), which was opened in 1997 under the name Plastic Factory COBI S.A. 2001 was the year of the opening of sales offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2010, the expansion of the Plastic Factory COBI S.A. in Mielec, Poland, was completed. At the beginning of 2011, production capacity was significantly increased to meet the growing demand for COBI building blocks.

COBI today

Today, COBI is the largest manufacturer of building blocks in Central and Eastern Europe with sales offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition to direct entry into the foreign market, the international sales network is expanding into over 60 countries worldwide.

Every year, COBI participates in the most important trade fairs and events, e.B. Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair and the Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg Toy Fair. In addition, COBI products can be found at other toy fairs in all parts of the world, whether in the USA, Russia, Western Europe, or Australia.


The complete production process of the COBI components is carried out entirely within the company. Based on the idea, the projects go through the departments of design, tool preparation, production process management, and sales service including sales support.

The production area covers around 27,500 square meters, the company offers work for over 300 employees.

Thanks to these facts, COBI is able to offer customers products made from high-quality, selected EU source materials, certified by European laboratories, meeting strict quality and safety controls, and having short production and delivery times.

Safe toys of the highest quality that are fun for the whole family – that is the company’s guiding principle.

Small Army

Small Army is a unique military clamping block series from COBI. The collection is characterized by its sets, which are based on vehicles of the US Army, Russian Army, Royal Navy, and US Navy. The smallest set consists of 40 parts, the largest of over 1,000 pieces. The matching figures are included in each set, in addition, individual military figures can be purchased.

Action City Collection

The Action City series includes fire and police topics as well as models in the construction sector. Each pack of the Action City Collection contains models with a variety of moving elements and various additional accessories.

COBI F1 Teams

The McLaren and Renault F1 kits of the COBI F1 Teams series promise exciting racing action. In addition to the cars themselves,top rc car crashes the fan can recreate realistic pit stop scenes and much more.

COBI Historical Collection

Various historical models and scenes include the COBI series of the same name. These include e.B pirate and Roman and barbarian collections, the Knights line, and various military-themed areas – including English, French, German and Russian troops and accessories.

In addition to these model series, COBI offers many other theme worlds. The series is constantly being expanded and supplemented with new kits and models – here every lover will always find new, exciting products!

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