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Is the IO Hawk a good e-board? We introduce you to the classic hoverboards.

IO Hawk = Innovation + Quality

Take a smart concept for hoverboards and implement it with high-quality individual parts. This equation works. apollo explore vs emove cruiser to put it simply, the provider has done it that way with his boards. If you mix this formula for success with clever marketing, the price of the product often no longer plays a role in the premium segment. But how much does an IO Hawk cost?

Here, too, the trend toward falling hoverboard prices has led to the fact that an IO Hawk is available for under 400 €. If you imagine that these eboards cost about 1,500 € at CEBIT 2015, you can see how the prices are developing. At that time, this was pure innovation and unique. The manufacturer has caused a stir with the board and has been in many media. Today there are many good hoverboards at a fair price and the selection is large. Nevertheless, this manufacturer managed to become a synonym for the whole device category.

Stylish design in 6 colors

Visually, this hoverboard has a lot to offer. In addition, it scores with a large color selection. Whether black, white, red, yellow blue, or orange, there should be something for every taste.

The LEDs also fit well with the optics and give the board a futuristic touch. In addition to the appearance, the LED headlights ensure good visibility at night and thus contribute to greater safety.

The two rubberized mats are non-slip and provide a good grip. Nevertheless, the designers did not miss the opportunity to incorporate the “IO” logo into the stand areas. The Eboard makes a good impression when it comes to design and workmanship.

Through the area at 10 km/h

The hoverboard can be operated in such a way that it is either 6 km/h or up to 10 km/h fast. In beginner mode, the board travels a maximum of 6 km/h, making it easier to get started. If you are already safe on the IO Hawk, you can activate the standard mode and thus increase the speed up to 10 km/h. The control is done via the supplied remote control. This is helpful if you want to learn to ride a hoverboard.

Juice for up to 20 km

According to the manufacturer, this mini Segway can travel between 14 and 20 kilometers on a charge. This is now standard when it comes to range and is more than enough. How far the hoverboard actually gets depends in practice on the following factors:

Weight of the rider: The more load the board has, the shorter the range

The incline of the route: Downhill you need less energy than when it goes uphill

If the battery is empty, it takes 2 to 3 hours until it is fully charged again.

More safety thanks to Samsung battery

One reason why you should avoid cheap imports from the Far East is the security concerns. There are many reports of burning balance boards. That’s why more than half a million hoverboards were recalled in the US in mid-2016. IO Hawks were not there. That’s a good reason why you shouldn’t save in the wrong place when buying. We have summarized further tips in the guide for the hoverboard purchase.

The IO Hawk is powered by a branded battery and that’s good. Because the battery from Samsung has surge protection which ensures that the battery is no longer charged as soon as it is full again. In addition, the power supply detects when the battery is charged and reduces the power supply. And that’s not all. The safety package also includes overheating protection. The speed is limited to 10 km/h only by software. Purely from the power of the motors, the board could travel much faster. But this limit protects against the battery becoming too hot, for example on inclines. In other words, IO Hawk deliberately refrains from speed in order to offer more security.

Even more security features

And that’s not all. The board still has to offer when it comes to lowering the risk. The hoverboard detects the following dangers and warns the driver:

Unsafe terrain: If the route is too steep or dangerous

Battery empty: When the battery is empty, a signal sounds so that the board does not brake suddenly

Automatic braking: The Eboard brakes even if the speed gets too fast

Overheating: When the engine gets too warm


This distinguishes the balance board from many devices and this makes it a quality product.


Tyre diameter: 17 cm

Load weight : 22 – 110 kg

Product weight: 11 kg

Range: approx. 14 – 20 km

incline: 15 degrees

Speed: up to 10 km/h

Motor: 2 x 300 Watt

integrated LED lighting

Remote control for switching on and off


4,400 mAh

Charging time: 2 to 3 hours

Additional extras and splash protection included

The balance board is dust and splash-proof according to IP54 standard and can not be disturbed even by light rain. Two stylish remote controls are also included in the scope of delivery.

Another advantage is the low weight of about 11 kg. This makes it easy to transport for a mini Segway.

Overall, the range of extras convinces. Only one feature that other eboards in this class have is missing: speakers with Bluetooth interface for listening to music. How useful, and above all safe (keyword distraction) this is, everyone has to evaluate for themselves.

Conclusion: Quality has its price

The IO Hawk is convincing with design and good workmanship. best electric skateboards many extras not only increase comfort, but are also good for safety. There is hardly a competitor that focuses so much on the topic of security.

If you like it, you have to pay a small surcharge compared to other models, but the well thought-out equipment justifies the price.

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