Why Does My Snake Bury Itself?

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My Snake Bury Itself

There may be times when you had thought that your snake got out when you didn’t see it inside the tank. And after inspecting the tank, you might have realized that it has just buried itself in its bedding. If this scenario happens often, it’s time to upgrade your snake’s enclosure as snakes like hiding in the daytime, especially the nocturnal kinds. Wild snakes hide in holes or under rocks to maintain an ideal temperature and protect themselves from predators. But if your pet often buries itself in the substrate, the enclosure or hides may be too small.

As private creatures, snake take other animals’ hideouts. You can promote the same behavior to your pet by providing cave-like enclosures and makeshift hides like rocks, grasses, and dirt available in shops. You may also improvise by using opaque containers with a small hole in their sides. Experts advise owners to provide a hide both on warmer and cooler sides of the tank.

If your pet is showing any signs of illness, make an appointment with your animal hospital Bowmanville, ON.

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