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Being a gentleman appears to be getting increasingly difficult in a world of cell phones, fast lanes, traffic jams, business lunches, and social mediocrity. Remember, being a gentleman isn’t easy. Being a gentleman takes some rationality, foresight, and a high level of regard for others. It’s not about baffling rules or guidelines. Rather, it is about seeking to make one’s own and others’ life simpler and more joyful. It’s all about being a ‘nice person’ in an honest and authentic way. Camaraderie, reliability, everlasting loyalty, and compassion are the ideal attributes for a gentleman. It is not enough to act like a gentleman; it is also important to be one. You to be one who can include thinking of others, being accessible when requested, and knowing when you are not.

It is necessary to acquire habits of a gentleman, if you have made up your mind to join the Indian defence forces. Let us inform you that joining the Indian defence forces is not as easy as eating a pie. You need to channel through severe portions of the defence exam. For which exam will you appear? Generally, students sit for the CDS exams after graduating. Are you amongst them? If so, then join a reputed institute that can give CDS coaching in Chandigarh. Being a defence aspirant, you must possess the traits of a gentleman. In this essay, we have highlighted some of the attributes you must have to become a gentleman.

Go through the below stated points to know some of the attributes of a real gentleman:

What makes a guy a gentleman is what he does and who he is, which is a culmination of gentlemanly actions across a lifetime. If a guy understands which road to pursue, he may learn to become a gentleman.


A Gentleman Has Concern for Others

A gentleman understands how to make people feel at ease. He carefully considers the other person’s point of view and avoids offending others needlessly. This quality can assist you to gel up with your team mates readily after joining the forces. This is how you may become humble. You need to have this characteristic in you necessarily if you wish to join the Indian defence forces.


Always enter via a door

A gentleman never shuts a door in someone’s face. He always looks back after passing through a door. It is irrelevant whether the other person is male or female. If the door is spinning, a male is more attentive than usual. He never shares a rotating door panel with anybody else. He is respectful of the personal space of others. If you possess this characteristic, you may effortlessly impress those around you. You may quickly earn your own esteem.


Appropriate application of cologne

A gentleman views his cologne as a personal article of clothing, and it should be worn accordingly. It should not evoke any response from the other individuals in the room, positive or negative. Instead, it should remain a pleasant surprise for those with whom he often interacts. A gentleman understands that fragrance is an adornment and not a substitute for deodorant. Excessive use of the scent is annoying and raises the question of whether or not odours are being masked. Colognes and perfumes are most effective when applied to “pulse spots” such as the wrists, behind the ears, the neck, and the armpits.


Wears respectable shoes

A guy is aware that black shoes are more formal and serious than brown shoes even now. In actuality, black shoes are still the only appropriate footwear in the legal profession. For formal and semi-formal situations, black shoes with laces are ideal. Moccasins and loafers are most appropriate for informal events. You must only be conservative in your riding attire. If possible, wear boots with an English design; otherwise, leggings will suffice. In addition, keep in mind that all leather must be genuine leather with a mirror-like gloss.


Says the appropriate things

You should use “sorry” and “thank you” regularly. These two magical phrases will make you appear kind and modest. You must maintain this perspective throughout your life. This attitude might assist you in coordinating with your superiors if you are interested in joining the Indian military.


Learn how to initiate a conversation

A gentleman initiates a conversation with each individual he encounters at a party, reception, or business meeting who is friendly. To prevent discomfort, he begins with a good and noncontroversial topic. A gentleman always begins a conversation with a question that does not revolve on himself.


Dresses impeccably

A gentleman understands proper attire. Note that you must dress appropriately if you wish to join the Indian armed services. In the summer, a gentleman always wears an undershirt. Never will he wear an unbuttoned double-breasted suit jacket. The cuffs of a gentleman’s pants fall over his polished shoes with a tiny break. His socks are not visible while he is standing. This is how you may become an ideal member of the Indian military.

How do you intend to join the Indian military? Simply by passing the defence examination. You may join a famous institute that offers the AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh. Appropriate instruction can help you pass the AFCAT exams.



These are some common gentlemanly courtesy practises. If you are keen to join the Indian armed services, you must nurture all of these qualities.

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