Discover a New Favorite: the Inis Hand Cream

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While exploring many different types of personal care products that are out right now, we took a moment to look at hand creams exclusively. Hand creams are must-have body products since they can help you to reduce the discomfort of having dry, cracked hands that may even begin to hurt.

Plus, they provide the pleasant experience of taking a moment to take care of yourself and your body. You can conveniently take your hand cream out of your bag or your desk and apply it wherever you are for a quick moment of self care.

One product in particular caught our attention, and that is the Inis Hand Cream, a fan favorite product from a brand known worldwide. Inis gets its name from the Irish word for island as it takes inspiration from the beauty and energy of the cold waves that splash against the coast of Ireland. The Atlantic Ocean provides a wild, fresh sensory experience, appealing to the senses as you step closer to the cool water.

The Inis Hand Cream stood out to us from their collection of body care products, and we wanted to share that with anyone else looking to add this kind of product to their lives. Here are our favorite aspects of this soothing hand cream.

Great Ingredients
In terms of pure skin care benefits, the Inis Hand Cream has a lot to offer. It contains a good balance of ingredients to moisturize your hands, while also providing a lovely experience of the crisp, fresh scent. This hand cream uses ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and seaweed extract sourced from the Atlantic Ocean, to provide your skin with a burst of moisture and antioxidants.

Mood-Boosting Scent
Perhaps the most recognizable aspect of the Inis Hand Cream is the scent. Inis has a very particular fragrance to their products that makes them easy to pick out of a crowd. Their signature scent is meant to be a unisex fragrance that conjures up feelings of standing along the coast on a sunny day with the cool, salty air blowing past you. It is meant to feel fresh and reinvigorating.

You can find this popular fragrance across their selection of products, including a standalone cologne spray so you can enjoy this iconic scent whenever you want. The scent alone is enough of a reason to purchase the hand cream.

Pick up an Inis Hand Cream for yourself and enjoy the experience of taking in the fragrance as you moisturize and soothe your skin. You can find this product, along with other items from the brand available online at You can grab some other bath and body products while you are at it to enjoy the experience of using their products more thoroughly.

We can definitely recommend their products and encourage you to try out a few items from them, but if you are only interested in getting one thing for now, we would say the hand cream is a great choice.

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