4 Tips to Take the Pain Out of Mishits

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We’ve all heard it a thousand and one times, and many of us a thousand and one more for good measure: “No pain, no gain.”

There is truth to that statement. The harder you work, the greater the potential rewards. This is true in more areas than just the athletic sphere.

But that aphorisms trite, lesser-known cousin should also be given an audience from time to time. “Pain discourages.”

For every winner pain creates, it drops a hundred more off the map. And if you’re a parent with a young child that’s showing interest in baseball or softball, telling them they need to suffer to be good at the sport is probably just going to turn them onto something else.

So if your child is constantly complaining to you or his or her coach about how batting is not enjoyable because it literally hurts too much, you need to do something to improve the experience or your kid is not going to mature into an adult with an appreciation for the sport.

So, that being said, here are 4 things you can do to help take the pain out of mishits that are an integral part of playing the sport.

1. Consider a bat that has vibration-reducing technology
Let’s just try to solve the problem right at the source, here, people. Some bats just sting worse than others. If, for some reason, your little champ is playing with a wood bat, well, maybe you need to drop that nonsense.

Those bats are for the pros. It’s admirable to train with one, but an equal part frustrating as well. There are much “better” (we use that term lightly) composite and alloy bats that have active, vibration-reducing technology that literally makes it less painful to swing at an odd pitch and incur a mishit.

2. Coach him or her on how to grip the bat the right way.
There is a wrong way to grip a bat. Knowing the difference can make up some of the matter between “I enjoy this sport,” and “I’d rather do something else.” Plus, learning the right way to grip a bat will add power, control, and agility while also potentially decreasing the sting of a mishit.

Have the player grip the bat’s grip just about the knob with the left hand (for right dominant players) and then place the right hand just ahead of the left hand. Have the player point his or her index fingers. They should form a “V”. If they are sticking out at odd angles, the grip is off and should be rectified.

3. Wrap the grip – consider something like Vulcan bat grips.
Bat grip tape not only improves the player’s grip and control in dry or wet conditions, but it can also absorb some of the shock from mishits.

Premium bat grip tape such as Vulcan bat grip tape even has a patented edge and a unique tread pattern; Vulcan bat grips deliver maximum feel and bat control in any weather, resist roll, and dampen vibrations. (Plus, Vulcan grips add some serious swag to a bat and are available in cool patterns and treads such as the ones in the Vulcan Maze series).

Other advanced polymer grips can do the same, and it’s easy as pie to upgrade a bat with grip tape, too.

4. Give him or her a good pair of batting gloves.
Finally, if all else fails, get your kid a pair of quality batting gloves. Batting gloves, like grip tape, can improve grip, control, and power – and most importantly, can substantially slash the pain of stinging vibrations.

Combine a good bat with Vulcan bat grips and give the player batting gloves, and if they still complain about vibrations, well, maybe it’s time for a new sport.

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