Bow Sights Are Not Created Equal: The Apex Magnitude Bow Sight Series Is Proof of That

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Not everyone can claim to shoot like Lars Anderson. Some archers shoot a naked bow and drive tacks. Others enlist the help of whisker biscuits, stabilizers, and modern bow sights.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Many a modern archer has attained levels of accuracy that would be nearly unattainable with a simple recurve.

The expression “it’s the Indian, not the arrow,” certainly holds true in the shooting sports industry as well as any other. But the arrow – being a metaphor for technology, certainly makes a significant difference.

Case in point: the Apex Magnitude Bow Sight. Here’s how its technology is fundamentally changing things for hunters and competitive archers around the world.

What’s the Big Deal about the Apex Magnitude Bow Sight?
The Apex Magnitude Bow Sight features a number of archer-friendly features that revolutionize the shooting experience.

As archers know, pins that “glow” too brightly tend to crowd the sight picture and make it difficult to establish a clear picture of the target. Apex uses PRO-BRITETM pin designs that increase pin “brightness” without fogging the sight picture or making it fuzzy – perfect in all levels of ambient light – even dim light.

The Apex Magnitude Bow Sight also features a proprietary technology known as GRAVITY-LINETM rotational adjustments. This feature aligns the aperture travel with gravity – which always points straight “down,” for true precision and accuracy – even for long-distance shots. This bow sight also features micro-adjustments for both windage and elevation controls, enabling archers to dial in on their groups with never before seen precision. It also features a four-position windage gang adjustment.

Hunting in broad daylight gives you a clear sight picture and plenty of light to keep your situational awareness on high alert. But brightness is not always a good thing. Just like the sun can glint off of a shotgun rib, eliminating the focus on the target, it can obstruct the sight picture through a bow sight, too.

This bow sight is made with an anti-reflective texture inside the aperture and includes a sunshade. Both of these minimize glare and help keep your senses sharp on the target. The sunshade reduces glare but is also removable at will. These features make this bow sight ideal for shooting from cover such as a ground blind as well as in the open – such as in a stand.

The Apex Magnitude Bow Sight is also made with a new shooter’s ring design that allows for superior peep alignment. It features 90° alignment marks and is ideal not only in bright sun but also glows in the dark for low-light hunting.

This is also a tough piece of equipment, able to hang with you through the roughest and toughest of hunts, bucking physical stresses and the elements in one fell swoop.

It is made with stainless steel hardware that is both durable and resists corrosion, and the sight housing itself is made from lightweight, precision machined aircraft-grade aluminum. It also features a large, overbuilt aperture and mounting bracket for superior strength and durability.

Ideal for both left and right-handed shooters, this bow sight comes with a quiver mounting adapter, is easy to mount and adjust, and will help you raise the bar for accuracy, taking it to the next level in ways you didn’t even realize were possible.

Practical, durable, straightforward, and geared for precision performance, this Apex bow sight is a game-changer – both at the range and in the field.

Only one question remains:

Where Can You Get One?
If you’ve had enough of lazy groups and can’t seem to put your finger on the issue, it may be time for you to try a new bow sight.

You can pick up a new Apex Magnitude Bow Sight online at Live Outdoor Sports ( They also carry a wide range of other sights and shooting accessories, including bows, arrows, quivers, stabilizers, archery releases, and much more.

Visit them at the address above or get in touch with them at 602 264 3398 if you have additional questions.

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