How to Choose Hanging Light Fixtures For Your Dining Room

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When it comes to choosing a hanging light fixture for your dining room, nothing can make a bigger statement than a chandelier. It is that glitter, your area’s mood setter, and occasionally a topic of conversation among your guests. Before buying a chandelier for your dining area, it is important to know about the chandelier styles, designs, and types so that you can add the best lighting to your home. 

Let’s start with some fundamental knowledge of chandeliers, including their various shapes, varieties, functions, and finishes.

What is Chandelier?

Let’s take a step back and define what a chandelier is. A chandelier is just a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. Chandeliers, while most frequently associated with the dining room, can be used to make a statement in any space, including the bedroom, living room, and patio. Chandeliers are used for ambient lighting and incorporate several bulbs, frequently in multiple tiers.

A pendant lamp, which is similar to a chandelier, may be mistaken for one. A pendant usually consists of just one shade/light source suspended from a single wire/suspension system, whereas a chandelier typically consists of numerous shades/light sources connected by a branched frame. Even with this differentiation, the boundary between chandeliers and pendant lights appears to dissolve when comparing larger pendant lights. A larger hanging light fixture is commonly referred to as a chandelier, even though it is actually a pendant light.

Types of Chandelier

Choosing the proper chandelier is all about determining which sort of chandelier is best for your lighting needs. You can observe the differences between the many various types of chandeliers right here.

Chandelier Style & Design:

The discovery of a style that you admire for your home is one of the most exciting aspects of being in the market for a chandelier. Consider the following sorts of chandelier designs to see which one would best complement your home’s design.

Chandelier Shapes:

After you’ve decided on a style, you can think about the shape your chandelier should take. Take a look at some of the numerous styles of chandeliers available.

Things to Consider While Buying Chandelier For Your Dining Room

1. Positing a Chandelier:

The position of the chandelier in an interior area should be as central as feasible. The following are three reasons why:

  • Aesthetic: From every viewpoint, a well-designed chandelier is remarkable. Placing the chandelier in the center allows you to enjoy a 360-degree view of all the lovely details.
  • Symmetry: A chandelier, being the most probable only suspended object, should be placed in the center of the room for aesthetic balance.
  • General Light: From a centralized position, artificial ambient light is more equally diffused.

2. Installation Light:

The dining room lighting fixture should hang roughly 30 inches above the table surface so that those seated around it can see each other and avoid glare. If your ceiling is high, add 3 inches for every extra foot of height.


When installing a chandelier in other rooms, keep in mind things like line of safe and sight clearance. After all, a light fixture that blocks your vision or causes you to bump your head on it isn’t very enticing.

3. Chandelier Brightness:

The square footage of a dining room–or any room–determines the appropriate lumen count for ambient lighting. A dining room requires roughly 300-400 total lumens per 100 square feet. As a result, you should think about the lumen output of a chandelier before making your decision. A chandelier may not be the only source of ambient lighting in a space, but it will most likely be the major one in order to achieve optimum light layering.

This post helps you in choosing the perfect dining room lighting fixtures for your dining room.

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