What to Consider While Choosing Responsive Web Design for Your Business?

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The present era is experiencing a stratospheric rise in the usage and popularity of the smartphone. If your website isn’t designed in a way to support mobile functionality and feature, you would have been doing yourself a serious disservice. So what’s the alternative? Choosing a responsive website design is the optimal solution. Essentially, a mobile-friendly website is going to make a difference on smartphones. But it could have errors and be trickier to navigate when displayed on higher resolution phones.

Excellent web design is among the most optimal development techniques for business. From your brand logo to your web page personality and functionality to your promotional marketing materials, every facet of your business should be efficiently designed to enhance the consumer experience. On the other hand, outdated and monotonous design can kill your business.

User nowadays prefers using a smartphone rather than desktops. So you need to ensure that your brand’s website is responsive and can be viewed easily. A survey suggested that 51.2% of the website’s traffic generate from mobile devices. If you’re thinking of building a new website for your business or redesigning a current site, you need to consider picking a website supporting both mobile and desktop view. Moreover, your website has to be design well. Consider hiring a result-oriented web design services in USA.

So, what are the factors or features you think you should consider while picking the right responsive website design? Let’s dive in!

1) Consider Mobile-First Approach

Mobile-First Approach pertains to creating or developing a mobile internet presence before actually constructing a desktop web. Choosing a Mobile First approach is primarily directed at reversing desktop design workflow and offering a flexible and easy-to-use web. Consider serving mobile user first with an innovatively designed website. This helps you provide the maximum and tremendous web exposure to mobile users. Focus on choosing a catchy and unique design, fonts, header and footer that perfectly fits the mobile screen. Optimize the media and use high-resolution images.

2) Choose a Design That Enhances Your Website’s Loading Speed

Your website’s loading speed is a crucial element that portrays your brand’s impression on your customer. It’s critical to comprehend that you’re not getting another chance when it relates to customer experience. Your website’s relatively low speed is among the most annoying things that will kill your potential leads.

High-performance webpages lead to maximum ROI, more engagement, higher organic search rankings, and better customer experience. Slow webpages will cost you additional money for repairs, and your brand’s credibility will be compromised. By decreasing page load speed, you will also have a beneficial impact on sales, marketing and business processes. You will get increased engagement and generate more actionable insights that could be transformed into potential customers. Great loading speed leads to more visibility, conversions and usability. While picking your website’s theme, ensure having a high loading speed. Sometimes our media files are heavy, the results in making your website slower. You can optimize them and minimize the file size but make sure not to compromise on quality.

3) Seamless User Experience

This is, by far, one of the most significant advantages of having a versatile and responsive website theme. Unresponsive websites misrepresent the way your web page shows up on mobile phones, devices, and tablets. Whereas desktop users may have had no troubles scrolling through your website, but it’s not the same case for mobile users. Texts are mixed up, pictures are not correctly aligned, and customers need to swipe through countless pages in quest of the data they require. This ends up making it difficult for users to use your website efficiently and seamlessly. After such a pathetic experience, do you think that your website will gain the customer’s attention? Obviously not.

To mitigate such scenarios, it would be beneficial to evaluate your website design’s performance before making payment. The advantages that will accumulate to you in the longer term will expand your customer base and leads.

4) Touch-Friendly Navigation

Several users love to use touch gestures while scrolling through your website on a mobile device. Touch the screen to launch links, scroll up, down, left and right to explore the website’s features. Is your current theme supporting this smooth touch-friendly navigation?

If your website stuck while scrolling on mobile, it’s a huge turning off point for your customers. You might end up losing sales and customers. Opt for smooth and touch-friendly navigation.

5) The Influence of Landing Page

Are you hunting for exponential success? If your brand is determined to achieve exponential rise, then you’ll have to closely examine your website’s inner pages. Your website’s internal page is entirely dedicated to a particular service, product. And unlike your standard website homepage, each component is focused on a practical and catchy call-to-action button to grasp more leads. Showcase every service and product with a distinctive inner page on the website. Consider developing internal pages for specific customer groups. This is how you can capture individuals seeking out your product online and draw them to your website for more sales.

As a business, your website should be designed to interact with customers no matter what gadget or platform they have been using. Creating a responsive website that works and perfectly fits any screen size is the topmost step you can take to achieve your business goals and objectives.


Mia is an experienced Web designer. She has been using her innovative and software engineering/programming knowledge to create, construct and enhance websites. Moreover, Mia fully comprehends customer experience and is capable of building easily understandable websites. Her extensive experience working with SEO Company Dallas is a plus for our client.

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