How to properly lighten your home with Bunny Lamps

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Light is essential in any space’s decoration:

But when it comes to the home, you need to know how to properly illuminate it. No matter whether the work will be done by you or a professional, it doesn’t really matter. There are some things you should consider, and we should ensure that a decorator is included in the checklist.

Light will highlight furniture and the selected shades on walls or textiles, creating a greater sense of space. If used incorrectly, it can make the house look dark and unwelcoming.

Lighting and decoration are fundamental aspects that almost everyone is familiar with. Choosing bunny lamps based on the area will ensure that they don’t look too small or too large.

Bunny lamps and other lighting elements should also be in the same style as the house. An architectural house with classic features requires decoration that is in harmony with its spirit.

We will also be discussing other lesser-known but equally important tricks.

Always emphasize natural light

Lighting and decorative bunny lamps are important, but natural light is the most important thing in the home. It is important that natural light passes through large rooms with large Windows.

Experts always consider where the windows are located to determine the layout of the rooms. The living and dining rooms are designed to reflect this natural light, not the artificial one that is available.

This design will allow you to choose the locations where the bunny lamps, wall light, and other artificial lighting elements will be placed. These will provide additional luminosity for your home when the sun isn’t available.


The ceiling is where the main lighting source is located.

This maxim is still valid in classical lighting. Even though some trends advocate indirect lighting, a main bunny lamp in the ceiling will still provide enough light to distribute evenly throughout the room. Bunny lamps will always look better than LED spots, no matter how modern they might seem.

It is important to avoid dark shadows and areas of darkness. This will not only make your room look smaller, but also makes it seem neglected. If you have a large space such as an open living-dining area, it is advisable to place more than one ceiling light. You can have additional lights if needed.

It is important to know where each light is located. It should be placed on the coffee table in the living room, the table in the dining area, and in the middle of a large living space. This preference isn’t a whimsical one. It is the best way to distribute light and is most comfortable.

For reading and other activities, strategic light points are important

Do not be afraid to tell a professional that you are going to decorate your house. You can use it for work or sewing, or a reading area to read a book or newspaper, or a place to play board or card games.

Because a decorator is familiar with about, he is able to create spaces that are perfect for them.

There are many lighting options available for different purposes within the same space. For example, there may be two types of ceiling lights: one for general use and one for specific activities like watching TV or sleeping.

These tricks will make your home look beautiful and cosy. You will also find a space where you can enjoy all your daily activities in a comfortable and light-filled environment.



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