Sport free – which ball sports are suitable for the garden?

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Already at the age of only a few months, rolling a ball on babies is fascinating. Toddlers usually succeed in throwing, catching, and shooting balls with ease, romanticism art characteristics which means that all the prerequisites for the first simple ball games are met. Since ball games require sufficient space, it is advisable to practice them in the fresh air. If you own your own garden, you do not have to visit the playground. Before it starts, however, it is first necessary to make a selection of ball sports that are suitable for your own garden.

Why is ball sports important for children?

Especially in children with ADHD, the positive influence of ball sports on their concentration has been scientifically proven. The mental stress of drug treatment and psychological care for children with ADHD is noticeably reduced by physical activity. This is due to the fact that ball sports stimulate the executive functions of the brain, including concentration and attention. Furthermore, ball games train not only concentration and coordination but also the sequence of physical movements.

In addition to children suffering from ADHD, “healthy” children also benefit from practicing ball sports. Motor skills are trained and expanded and endurance and strength are trained. In small groups, ball sports act as a link for the development of new friendships and make a significant contribution to the development of essential skills in the ability to work in a team.

Which ball sports are suitable for the garden?

Basically, with the help of the necessary equipment, it is possible to realize some of the most popular ball sports in your own garden. These include:




Table tennis and badminton

Velcro ball

Since each sport has its own requirements, it depends strongly on the respective usable area of the garden whether the desired activity can be implemented. In order to avoid frustration due to a lack of space, the available lawn area should be precisely determined in advance.

While football, volleyball, table tennis, and badminton require a larger area, basketball and Velcro are also possible in smaller gardens. Basketball is the only one of the sports mentioned that is not recommended to practice on a lawn. On the other hand, paved driveways of garages or carports are best suited for basketball.

What should you look for when playing in the garden?

Hardly any other product is as multifaceted as the ball. From classic football in black and white to models with farm prints to balls in red and white, everything is included. In fact, the variety of colors, sizes, and textures of balls seem to know no bounds. With the appropriate accessories, the basic features of the simulated sport can be implemented deceptively real. The mini football goal set by Idena transforms your own garden into a deceptively real football field.

Since ball sports are usually associated with a long-term purchase, the nature and storage of individual elements play a decisive role. Especially in basketball, weather resistance and susceptibility to rust are of great importance. Table tennis tables are usually particularly easy to clean and can be stored folded up in the basement, garage, or outdoors. For additional protection, a plastic cover is suitable, but it must be purchased separately.

Regardless of the respective ball sport, safety is of course always in the foreground. In order to prevent the risk of injury, the assembly instructions for larger purchases such as the football goal or basketball hoop must be taken into account. The professional assembly also helps to approximate the desired service life of the product. Also of great importance are the recommended age specifications of the manufacturers. Flexible poles and hats can be used to demarcate the playing surface, which should also serve as a further safety aspect. Especially when playing ball, appropriate precautions must be taken so that the ball cannot roll onto the street. For smaller children,hrithik roshan the garden must continue to be designed in such a way that it cannot be left independently in a moment of carelessness.

Since every ball sport has a stressful effect on the used lawn, the lawn should be subjected to appropriate treatment in advance. Regular trimming, watering, and fertilizing of the lawn support its resistance.

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