How To Convert A Plain Hoodie Into A Fashion Statement

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Origins Of The Hoodie

The humble origins of the hoodie are typical for men’s fashion. Champion Sportswear began manufacturing sweatshirts in the 1930s. They added a hood to protect workers and athletes from the elements. In the meantime, college sports teams demanded warmer clothing for winter. The hoodie was adopted by young Americans in the sixties.

In New York, hip-hop culture had already emerged by the seventies. The hoodie was a popular choice for graffiti artists, break-dancers, and trouble-makers who wanted to avoid the police. They wore hoods. In the eighties, renegade skaters became hoodie sellers, and the hard-edged gangsta Rap of the nineties made the hoodie a symbol of social rebellion and inclusion. The hood is here.

Twenty years later, the hoodie’s cloaking capabilities serve a new purpose because of its extraordinary comfort and premium twist.

What makes a good hoodie?

Today’s hoodie is not only about performance and visibility. Sean Venturi, founder of Venroy in Sydney, says: “When shopping for your next jacket, make sure you look for quality workmanship, a good fit, and versatility.”

How to Wear a Hoodie

Like a blazer or jacket, the zip version can be worn openly or zipped, depending on the weather conditions and overall look.

The zip-through can be worn smartly. It’s also more versatile. Sean says you can remove it without damaging your hair. If you feel too warm, unzip the zipper once inside.

The pullover is slightly larger in size. This type has a higher neckline, more slide slits, and a shorter hem. It is also more comfortable than the other types.

This style is known for being warm and cozy. It should be worn at home. You can still find a more sophisticated version if you look. Hoodies are all about sophistication and comfort. They can be worn while you lounge on the couch.

Hoodie Fitment Rules

The hoodie should always be properly fitted. The shoulders should be straight, and the sides of your hoodie should follow the curve of your torso. Unflattering your body instantly creates a lazy, weekend dad look. It makes layering difficult and messy. If you place it underneath a jacket or topcoat, it creates bunching rolls of fabric. You can have more space if the hoodie serves as your outerwear piece. To have both styles covered, every guy should own one fitted and one relaxed jacket.

Remember comfort. Don’t choose a tight-fitting hoodie. A well-made hoodie with a high collar is far more versatile and can be worn down or up. You want enough space to reach the sleeves comfortably if you are wearing a long-sleeve supreme shirt. Sean says that the fit should allow for layering. He suggests that you can smoothly add a jacket over your hoodie without it bunching.

Hoodie Fabrics

It is also important to choose the right fabric. The cotton jersey is the original and best. Both urban men and athletes love the cotton jersey. It keeps air out (thus keeping you warm), absorbs sweat, and is breathable as your body heats up beneath. The jersey is extremely comfortable. For the transitional seasons, spring and autumn, you can use loopback cotton (it will be noted on the tag).

Look for a hoodie with a “fully fashioned” design. This means that the material pieces of the hoodie are not just cut and sewn together. They are knitted at the seams. A waffle knit is one example. Cashmere is the epitome of refinement. Sean says that cashmere just looks more luxurious. So, choose a cashmere-cotton mix that is both soft and durable. It’s also breathable and can be made waffle knit.

How to Wear a Hoodie with Jeans

The classic combination of a hoodie and jeans, the supreme hoodie will keep you warm on those cold weekend nights. You can play with the colors and find the perfect combination based on your modern denim palette.

How to wear a hoodie with a denim jacket

Layering is key here, with the supreme hoodie as a backup to the outer jeans. Contrast is a key rule. While you can go mono-color, it is best to mix and match the bottom, hoodie, or denim jacket. If you do decide to wear a single color, such as black, ensure that there are other fabric textures.

How to wear a  Supreme hoodie with a blazer

The smart-casual trend is now in full swing and the versatility of a hoodie is starting to shine. This is where the secret lies: make sure the hoodie you choose is a thinner one that doesn’t add a bulky appearance to your finished look. Contrast is a great way to make casual Fridays at work look cooler.

How to wear a hoodie with a bomber jacket

Streetwear, but not as you think. The bomber and supreme hoodie are back in fashion for men, but it’s not the right companion for the iconic hoodie. This look can be achieved using a variety of textures and prints. You are free to use your imagination. You can choose a thicker hoodie because of the looser nature of bomber jackets.

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