What are Vacuum Erection Devices? Why and How to Use It?

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Erectile dysfunction is a prevalent and well known sexual disorder in men. Due to this problem, men cannot keep and get erections properly for a sexual relationship. Erectile dysfunction decreases the capability of men to satisfy their partner in bed. It creates many troubles in the sexual relationship of many couples. But medical science has developed many treatment procedures that can help men recover from this severe problem. Some treatments like medication, penile injection and vacuum erection devices work effectively to help the men get out of this problem.

Here are some effective treatments for erectile dysfunction described below. So let’s check them out and learn briefly about vacuum devices for Ed below.

Various Methods To Cure ED 

These medical treatments of erectile dysfunction provide effective results to men. These treatments will help men get an erection for having good sexual intercourse. So let’s learn about them below.


Medication is a well-known erectile dysfunction treatment. Generally, two types of medication available for men one is an oral medication, and another is topical medication. Oral medicines like Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Avanafil will help men get erection properly for sexual intercourse. These medicines increase the effect of nitric oxide in the body. This natural chemical will relax the muscle of the penis and increase the blood flow to it. Therefore men get an erection for sex for a longer time. It is an instant treatment for getting an erection for sex. Except for this, topical medications include lotions, oil and gel, which are used on the skin of the penis. The chemicals of these medicines will help to increase the erection of men. But the use of these medicines can create rashes, irritation and other side effects.

Penile injection

Another effective erectile dysfunction treatment is penile injection. These injections are directly used on the penis. Some effective medicines are used to inject into the penis. Sometimes the penile injection takes a mixture of two or three medications which helps to increase the erection capacity of people. These medicines will increase the blood flow to the penis, but penile injections can create several problems. So doctors are avoiding using penis injections to cure erectile dysfunctions.

vacuum device for ed


Surgery is a very critical process for solving erectile dysfunction. This process is also called penis implantation. In this process, doctors insert a device into the penis, which will help get more erection for sex. But this procedure is hazardous, and people will not get any satisfactory results. So it is better to select another option for solving erectile dysfunction.


Exercise is the natural way to solve this sexual disorder. Various exercises like kegel, aerobic and other activities will enhance the erection power of men. These exercises will help proper blood flow to each part of the body, including the penis. That’s why men get and keep an erection for a longer time and solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Psychological counseling

Erectile dysfunction will occur due to psychological problems in men. Depression, stress and anxiety are the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. To avoid these problems, men can also adopt a psychological counseling process. This process improves the couple’s relationship and helps in getting better sex life.

Vacuum pump 

The most effective way to solve erectile dysfunction is using a vacuum constriction device. This device will help to get an erection quickly and can also help to increase the penis size. The vacuum erection devices will help improve the blood flow to the penis, which ultimately increases the erection of men. This device consists of several types of equipment like an elastic band, vacuum pump and tube. This device for erectile dysfunction is elementary to use, and it works within 20 minutes of use. So let’s learn how to use this device to get a better erection for sex below.

How to use a vacuum pump?

  • First, you need to use the pump and place it over the penis. It can run by using a hand or battery.
  • Next, use the tube on the penis and pump out the air from the cylinder, which creates a vacuum. The vacuum pressure draws blood into the penis and causes an erection.
  • When the penis is erect, remove the elastic band with the help of lubricant and then remove the vacuum device from the penis.

It is straightforward to use, and it lasts for a more extended period to get excellent sexual intercourse.

When to use vacuum device for ed?

People with erectile dysfunction can use a vacuum erection devices if they have:

  • Several diseases that can create blood flow or nerve problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, and other nervous system disorders
  • People using antidepressants and blood pressure medicines that can cause ED can also use vacuum erection devices.
  • Those who have nerve damage and spinal cord injury can also use this device to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.
  • Besides this, psychological causes like relationship problems, depression, anxiety, and stress can create erectile dysfunction, which can be cured by a vacuum erection device.

Besides this, you may consult a doctor before using this device, if you have several problems like:

  • Bleeding disorder
  • Having an issue with a painful erection
  • If you are taking blood-thinning medicines

How to get a vacuum device online?

The best ed vacuum devices you can get quickly by using online platforms. Several companies offer different vacuum erection devices that can help you solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. You can purchase vacuum device from Ohman vacuum which is safe and easy to use. It is significantly lower in cost so that anyone can use it. To get an Ohman vacuum device for solving your erectile dysfunction problem, you must visit the Ohman official website. You will get different erection vacuum pumps there, and you can easily order them.

Bottom line

In conclusion, the vacuum erection device of Ohman is a certified product that will help you improve your erection capacity. By using the Ohman vacuum erection device, you can easily ensure the enlargement of your penis. So use the Ohman vacuum pump and get great sexual intercourse with your partner by solving your erectile dysfunction problem. Read more exciting articles on vapetehran

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