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The rapidly expanding market for mobile games has provided independent snowcloud producers with a lot of opportunities, which has stoked their excitement. But these new video game companies confront a lot of obstacles when it comes to developing and improving their games. The requirement that players be able to switch between platforms (smartphones, tablets, and consoles), as well as the necessity to alter the game’s look and logic, without having to release an entirely new version of the app, are recurring issues for mobile app developers.

As a result of this, the AWS Mobile Development team recently made an announcement regarding the availability of the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity in the form of a developer preview. Using Unity, you can now design applications that run on several platforms and take advantage of AWS’s services. Amazon Cognito, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon S3 are all supported by the software development kit (SDK).

Amazon Cognito grants you safe access to the AWS resources you use. Along with the ability to save and synchronize the state of your applications across all of your devices. This sample along with the accompanying blog post. Explains how to use Amazon Cognito to save games to the cloud. Cache them on the user’s local device. And synchronize them across all of the user’s other devices.

DynamoDB is a versatile NoSQL database that provides consistent latency. In the single-digit millisecond range regardless of the scale of the operation. You may save data that your game needs to share among several users. With the assistance of DynamoDB. Some examples of this type of data are a top score table and a shared assets list.

But DynamoDB isn’t the only choice you have here. You can use Amazon S3 to store these files in the snowcloud when your game relies on large assets that are often update. At run time, your game can then download these files from the cloud using Amazon S3. You won’t have to go through the trouble of publishing a full update for your game through the app stores if you take use of this feature.

Both the free and pay versions of Unity are supported via the AWS Mobile md cloud for Unity. Which is compatible with versions of Unity 4.0 and later. The software development kit (SDK) is presently available for developers to sample. And the development team plans to make enhancements based on the feedback they receive. Therefore, be sure to share any questions, problems. Or ideas you may have through the AWS SDK repository on snow cloud bachelor gulch GitHub.


Here are Some Links To Get You Started:

  • AWS Mobile Software Development Kit for Unity
  • The Getting Start with the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity Guide
  • Learn How to Begin Utilizing Amazon Cognito Sync
  • Learn the Basics of Using Amazon S3
  • Learn the Basics of Using Amazon DynamoDB.


The Software Development Kit (SDK) and any relate samples can be found on the following snowcloud repositories:

  • AWS Mobile SDK for Unity GitHub Repo
  • Samples for AWS Mobile SDKs Available for Unity GitHub Repo

For more information, please visit sbxhrl.

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