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My close friend made an intriguing observation about something. His adolescent child was participating in an online game with a number of other children, but no one was truly “playing” the game. While they were idly conversing with one another, the snowcloud game continued on without them. The characters were just kind of standing around. The debate had advanced to the point where it was more important than the game. He brought it up in our group chat, and it turned out that everyone else with teenagers had experienced something extremely similar. We had all overheard our children speaking on Discord or another program while they were hanging out in-game with their friends.

Unsurprisingly, it has been discovered that gaming has quietly evolved into one of the most popular forms of social interaction around the world. The release of Covid-19 elevated the significance of gaming even further, which boosted sales of video games all around the world.

Gaming has developed into a medium that can not only help relieve the tension that comes with being alone but can also help prevent being alone in the first place. It enables us to go places and introduces us to new individuals.

The issue is that playing video games is only a viable option for those who have sufficient financial resources.

Money has always been the determining factor in what kinds of games individuals can play and for how long they may play them, and this has been the case ever since the very first arcade games. Families have less and less access to the pricey gear and software that is required for gaming since more and more individuals are losing their jobs or their businesses or are trying to get by on a percentage of what they used to make. The divide between those who can play video games and those who cannot is growing as a result of this.

Cloud gaming, a relatively new phenomenon that is still in its developmental stages, has emerged as a means to help bridge this gap and attract new types of players to the gaming industry.

It completely alters the dynamics of the game.


Gaming Is Essential

There has, from the beginning of reporting on the bad aspects of gaming, be an excessive amount of reporting based on fear. In point of fact, despite the fact that there are actual drawbacks, an overwhelming body of research suggests that gaming is rapidly becoming a crucial instrument of modern life for staying connected to others and maintaining one’s health.

Even if there is a possibility that reducing the amount of time spent playing video games could be beneficial for certain individuals, the fact of the matter is that not nearly enough individuals who have a need for games have access to them.

The once-solitary practice of playing video games has rapidly evolved into a sociable pastime in recent years. With article after article charting the rise of video games as an effective tool in combatting pandemic-era loneliness and sadness, Covid-19 has unquestionably shed light on this topic, which has been a significant contribution.

Video games are deeply social. According to the findings of many studies, approximately seventy percent of gamers compete against other players. The Numerous Advantages to Being an Avid Gamer (


According To Studies Conducted By Snowcloud

“91 percent of boys who play computer games do so with other people with whom they are connected across a network; one-third of boys say they play this manner every day or practically every day… The majority of adolescents who participate in online gaming (78%) report that they feel a stronger connection to the friends they already have because of their participation in gaming.

Not just online gaming can be social, but gaming, in general, can be. The Entertainment Software Association reports that more than half of the parents of game players play video games with their children on a weekly basis, and the majority of those parents believe that playing video games together is a good way to interact.


People Of All Ages Can Get Significant Benefits From Participating In Social Games

“In findings released in 2017, the researchers showed that MMO participation was connected to a higher sense of social identity. This refers to how people self-identify depending on their membership in organizations, and it was revealed that MMOs played a role in this. The researchers observed a correlation between having a particular social identity and having greater levels of both self-esteem and social competence, as well as reduced degrees of loneliness.

It has been demonstrated that playing video games can alleviate feelings of anxiety, protect against social exclusion, lessen feelings of isolation, and aid with a variety of other mental health conditions. Research has indicated that people who play video games are more likely to have creative interests, play an instrument, and be involved in their communities.

The positive effects that gaming can have on one’s social life and mental health are not limited to the demographic of young gamers. According to the findings of a research conducted by the Goodman Group on a sample of 140 people aged 63 and older:

“…both occasional and regular video gamers reported improved well-being, social functioning, and health than non-gamers,” the study said. In addition to this, they found that persons who play video games had much-reduced rates of depression compared to people who did not play video games.

Other benefits include a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, increased cognitive capacity, and enhanced coordination. And they found it enjoyable!

I am excited about gaming! However, there are not a lot of studies that look at the reality that there is a widening digital gap and that many people just do not have the financial means to game at the level that they may require to do so.


People Just Can’t Afford To Play Games Anymore

According to “4.4 million families with children do not have constant access to computers for online learning during the pandemic”. This is a problem because online learning can help prevent the spread of diseases. 17 percent of youngsters between the ages of three and eighteen live in houses that do not have a laptop or desktop computer. In addition to individuals who may have to share a single device with siblings. There are at least 11 million pupils who do not have access to a computer at all, which can be used for online learning.

There are millions of children in the United States who do not own a computer unless it was provided for them by their school district. You not only need a computer to play games, but you need a GOOD computer. You cannot play games without a computer. It’s highly likely that the laptop computer that your school will provide you with will be a Chromebook or some other kind of tablet (which are amazing, by the way). On the other hand, you won’t be putting CyberPunk 2077 on it at any point. Ever.

I have a sneaking suspicion that an incredibly high percentage of people claim to own a “computer,” yet their machines aren’t powerful enough to run video games. In point of fact, I am of the opinion that a significant portion of people who play video games on their mobile phones or tablets do so for the simple reason that there is no other device option available to them.


How Much?

If it is maintained properly, a genuinely decent gaming rig will cost between $1,000 and $3,000 and will remain functional for approximately four years. If you are on a tight budget, you should aim to spend between $600 and $1,000.

After that, incorporate your preferred auxiliary components, such as graphics boards and the like.


Consoles Aren’t Really That Much Of An Improvement

  • The Playstation 5 may be purchased for close to $499 as well. The price of the digital edition is $399.
  • The price range for the eighth-generation Nintendo Switch is approximate $300–$400.

The cost of the actual games is yet another one of the many obstacles. The average cost of a AAA game across all platforms is approximately $60. To put this into perspective, the cost of a single game is comparable to that of an inexpensive Chromebook or tablet intended for academic use.


Gambling Done Online

For a very long time, we were required to pay in order to participate. If you wanted to play a favorite game at the greatest possible resolution. You were going to need to invest in the best possible hardware to run it. It has been speculated that Microsoft Flight Simulator will alone be responsible. For about $3 billion in hardware sales this year.

The majority of people do not have this. There are millions upon millions of people who are completely destitute. Those players who are able to do so are likely utilizing a Chromebook or a tablet. Or an md cloud PC that does not satisfy the criteria of the vast majority of AAA games. They are so far from installing Cyberpunk 2077 that it is the same as if they did not even own a computer.

If a household of four includes two children, and each child has a Chromebook costing $60. Then those children (as well as the adults) will be automatically excluded from many gaming experiences. As well as the social benefits that come along with them. They might be able to play games based. On the Android operating system and certain browser-based games. But there is no possibility that a Chromebook will enable them to take part in World of Warcraft.

Enter the realm of snowcloud gaming. Since cloud gaming operates games on virtual machines and sends the video output to your screen, all you really need is a screen that’s at least passable and a reliable internet connection to participate. That indicates that Chromebooks are safe to use. A phone would be sufficient. Even a Chromecast or Kindle Fire is not out of the question.

Google offers a snowcloud gaming service by the name of Stadia. This service takes advantage of Google’s vast computing power to process games and broadcast them to your screen, regardless of what they may be.

However, Google is not the only company involved. Several different companies have been investigating the potential of cloud gaming.

You don’t even have to buy the games in order to use the beta streaming option that Xbox offers. For approximately $14 per month, you have access to more than 100 games to stream. And the answer is that you can use it on other android devices in addition to a Chromebook.

Geoforce It is now possible to stream practically any PC game that you have purchased on almost any device (including your pricey Mac!). Consider the insane discounts offered on Steam.

If you purchase a game today, you will be able to play it on any device you own. Including your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Chromebook. When you finally obtain that gaming setup, you will buy the games. So you will still own them, and you will be able to load them up from Steam or any other provider you choose. Even a free option is provided by them! If you have extra cash and play video games for extended lengths of time. On a regular basis, paying $5 per month for longer sessions is a fairly decent deal.

Even Amazon is getting in on the action by launching their own cloud computing service called Luna. It appears to be patterned around their subscription/channel concept, meaning you will be subscribing to channels that contain the games you want to play in order to access them. The advantage is that you can play it on products sold by Amazon, such as FireTV. This last week, I’ve been playing it, and I have to say that it’s pretty cool.

These services can be beneficial even if you have the financial means to keep up with the latest. And greatest PC games or to provide your children with next-generation consoles. Being a game designer and writer prevents me from purchasing every new console and PC game that hits the market. It’s way out of my price range. Now I have the opportunity to play new games on other systems. Some of which I may not have had the chance to do so in the past. I don’t need to worry about getting my hands on a GeForce RTX 3090. In order to purchase Cyberpunk 2077 because I can’t obtain one. That complication can now be hand over to the appropriate party.


The Detractors

Gaming on the snowcloud is not without its flaws. In point of fact, it has been unsuccessful on numerous previous occasions.

The games occasionally suffer from lagging. From personal experience, I can say that it is extremely annoying when this happens, especially during a boss fight or other moments of critical importance. However, the same issues might occur when playing games on a personal computer as well.

There are also other issues to consider. It’s possible that games don’t have the exact resolution that everyone wants. And there are definitely some holes in the selection of games that are out there in boba shops near me. There is a possibility that many game makers will be hesitant to let their games be stream (boo). All of these are genuine challenges that need to be surmount, but they aren’t the most significant obstacle standing in the way of inclusivity.

The most significant drawback is that these devices require a high-quality internet connection. They cannot function in any way without it, and as a result, an extremely large number of people will be exclud from participation. This is unfortunate, and it indicates that gaming in the cloud is not a perfect answer to the problem. We must ensure that everyone has access to the internet. Cloud gaming is a beginning, and I anticipate and hope that it will continue to expand in popularity. As an increasing number of people become aware of the advantages it offers.


The Optimism

This time around, when I tested it, it was successful.

If you still aren’t convince, I strongly suggest giving one of its variations a shot. You can test out the majority of the services risk-free to determine whether or not they meet your needs. Is it on par with a specialized gaming system for a personal computer or a brand new console? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is no. On the other hand, this is a miracle for anyone. Who wants to play AAA games on a Chromebook or a phone.

I have a deep and sincere hope that this time around. Folks will be able to get their hands on those games that will make a difference for them.

People who are unable to play video games. At the present time are likely to be the ones who benefit the most from this new technology. Players who wouldn’t have the opportunity to participate in any other way. This can entice them to come in and convince them to stay. the retirees living on a pension. The families who are having a hard time making ends meet. And the children who feel alone in the world. Those individuals who are unable to participate in activities with their existing friends. Or who are unable to form new friendships. The players of video games are force to sit back. And watch other people play fun games on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. They simply need to press a button in order to jump into the stream. And start interacting with their favorite streamer.

I’d be thrill to be of assistance in getting anybody and everyone who is interest in gaming. I have high hopes that snowcloud gaming will provide a solution to this problem.

Tell me about your experiences in the comments section below. And together we’ll find out how to make the playing field fairer.

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