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The days of using cumbersome and antiquated desktop software are long gone. Snowcloud software delivered as a service is where it’s at these days. Because there is a lot of other competitors, having an excellent user interface and user experience is more vital than ever if you want your app to stand out from the crowd.

This post serves as a primer on what issues you should be concentrating on, as well as how we at Zoho have made improvements to our user experience (UX) over a lengthy period of time through a combination of trial and learning.


Concerns Regarding The Designs Of Snowcloud Applications

The process of arranging the various components of a user interface in such a way that the whole thing makes sense is referred to as the layout of the interface. It is essential to the usability of your app that you nail down a suitable layout, especially when taking into consideration new trends, new user behaviors, and multiple devices.


Product Workflow:

I have a task that has to be completed. How do I do it? The shorter the amount of time it takes, the more UX points we will accumulate.


Visual Design:

It is no longer sufficient that items just function as intended. They need to take care of their appearance as well. There was a period of time when this wasn’t really considered a prerequisite. But at the moment, if your product isn’t appealing to the eye, people won’t buy it and utilize it.

The dreaded, yet very essential, use of paper forms. Making them is a chore that nobody enjoys doing. The act of completing them is disliked by everyone. On the other hand, we would perish without them. That is why it is the responsibility of every UX designer to make them simpler to complete in the first place.


How We Improved The User Experience Of Zoho Books

Zoho Books has been around for quite some time, and during the course of its existence, it has undergone a complete transformation from outmoded UI elements timbers bachelor gulch rentals to brand new snowcloud, cutting-edge ones. We at Zoho have learned a great deal as a result of the comprehensive usability testing that we have performed following each and every modification.

You can put your faith in me when I say that usability testing is extremely vital for determining whether or not the adjustments you make are improvements. You always have the option of testing your product on your own employees or colleagues first. This is always a good place to start.

“The experience you provide for your employees is the foundation for the relationship you have with your customers.”


1. We Made The Switch From Tabbed Navigation To Navigation On The Left-Hand Side

If you are a frequent user of today’s SaaS applications, you may have noticed that more and more products are shifting towards left-hand side navigation, as opposed to the older trend of using tabbed navigation right at the very top of the screen. This is something that you would have noticed if you are a regular user of today’s snowcloud applications. This is preferable in terms of usability, and there are several compelling reasons for this preference.

Plenty of room on the horizontal: Everywhere we go, we take advantage of widescreen resolutions. If you are not reading this post on your phone, there is a significant amount of whitespace that is currently being wasted on the left and right sides of the page. You may make use of that blank space by putting a helpful navigation menu in the vertical position, which will make everything simpler.

Better utilization of the limited vertical screen space With widescreen resolutions, introducing tabbed navigation takes away a portion of the limited vertical screen space that you have. However, this allows for better utilization of the vertical screen space that is available. If you move the navigation to the left, you will be able to utilize the entire available vertical area for the main screen or interface of your application.

More menu items: Rather than using horizontal tabs, which are difficult to navigate through when scrolling, it is feasible to have a lot more menu items on a sidebar, which can be scrolled through quickly.

Navigating on the left-hand side is not something that is particularly novel. Windows Explorer and the Finder application on the Mac both support it, and we’ve been using it for years. The adoption of cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) applications is a step in the right direction that will benefit consumers all over the world.

I’d also like to bring up a question that hasn’t been asked before boba shops near me, which is why the navigation on websites never appears on the left side. The shift to navigation on the left-hand side of websites should, in theory at least, increase usability to a significant degree. This practice is becoming more common on websites that host online applications.


2. We Shifted To A Design With Three Columns In The Layout

The sidebar navigation, which is becoming increasingly widespread, lends itself naturally to being extend into a three-column layout. When you have three columns, you have a pretty easy way to show a list of objects in the second column, which can be readily adjust. This is because you have three columns. When you make a selection in the second column, the corresponding result will appear in the right-hand column automatically.


3. We Made Some Changes To Our Forms

The joy of shapes! They are tedious but absolutely essential. As skilled UX designers, we have a wide variety of strategies under our sleeves to make the experience of completing a form as simple and straightforward as is humanly possible. This requires going above and beyond the conventional browser form elements and generating your very own, unique forms.

Learn the fundamentals of improving form design by consulting Luke snowcloud article on “Best Practices for Form Design.” Even though this essay was write all the way back in 2008, the concepts that are offere here are base on human psychology, and they are still being followe today.

Here are some of the ways that we have customized our forms to make them a little less tedious. And a little easier to fill out in a way that is appropriate for our company.

A contextual search of a drop-down list. I don’t like how you have to look through a really long drop-down list to discover what you want. We have added a search function directly into the drop-down menu. So that you can find what you need much more quickly.

Contextually adding new list items. We’ve provided an option to add a new customer straight from within the drop-down list itself. So that you can keep track of all of your clients in one convenient place. If you click this, a pop-up menu will appear, from which you may choose. The options necessary to create the new customer immediately. Without having to navigate to a different screen first.

Hiding Optional Form Fields In the process of creating a client in Zoho Books. There are a number of fields that are optional. You have the option of hiding these fields. We have tucked them away in their own tabs to keep. The user experience from becoming too busy.

Enhancing Readability and Focus:

The readability of your form is one of the most important factors in making it easier to fill out. In order to make the overall experience appear as seamless as is humanly feasible, we have spent a lot of time adjusting the colors and the focus on the form fields snowcloud.


4. We Added A Sidebar To The Right Of The Page

You can make better use of that copious horizontal screen space by adding a right sidebar, which will allow you to access contextual options linked to the item that is presently selecte. This will allow you to use more of the screen’s available horizontal space.


5. We Put Everything Into Its Proper Context!

When a user has to get anything done within your app. Make sure the experience seems as linear as it possibly can be. This indicates that you must contextualize each and every “side-task” that is engag. In the process and must refrain from sending them to separate settings screens.



Creating a fantastic user experience snowcloud, and by extension. Fantastic software is all about putting in place these nifty little hacks. That improves the quality of the product in some minute way.

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